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pop art hong kong

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my old office at the bank of china tower - loads of memory of growing up and working with very special people

i love wanchai- it has so much character. i like the amalgamation between the old hong kong and the new one

afternoon tea at the mandarin oriental connaught road

worldwide football fever

ted baker in pacific place always have very interesting window displays

one of the best burgers in town shake 'em buns and they definitely have really good onion rings

coke out of a bottle is so much fizzier..

the germans have oktoberfest, we have the dragonboat festival

all the neons along nathan road - brings back a lot of memories of my walks from tst to mongkok when i first came to hong kong


wanchai – view from the top

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all photos were taken from the 69th  floor of central plaza – it is currently the fourth tallest building in hong kong and the tallest building in wanchai. we look up to the skyline of hong kong so often that it’s not very often we down at it. doesn’t hong kong remind you a lot of lego land? buildings are so close to each other.

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May 21, 2010 at 9:58 am

changing scapes

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nothing lasts for very long in hong kong. the city is too unsentimental when it comes to change. i like change but there are things that i think are worth saving. one of the changes that are unfolding right before of our eyes is wanchai. have you taken a walk lately on queen’s road east?

i walked through the whole stretch the other day and i think queen’s road east is simply amazing. no one talks about in guide books but wanchai is going to be the new soho soon.

i love the small roads off queen’s road east – ship’s lane, wanchai gap road, sik on street. there is the reputed haunted house nam koo terrace, the blue house, off the beaten track art galleries, tree lined roads  and SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. there is a group of people that offer wonderful heritage walks around wanchai – my friends and i went for the haunted tour and went to see all the haunted spots around wanchai. we didn’t see any ghosts but we got good stories to tell our friends after the tour!!!! everybody loves good stories. call them – the wanchai livelihood museum

enjoy my photos and if you want to walk around wanchai – please invite me. i want to show you this really cool road that connects wanchai gap to bowen road where you can see the whole hk skyline- literally at your feet!!!

sikh temple - gives out amazing free vegetarian food every friday. sits at the very edge of queen's road east close to morisson hill

the infamous blue house

the new glitzy buildings along queen's road east

apparently back in the 50s there was a ghostly postman who would deliver death notes to random households in wanchai, the temple was built to stop the overnight delivery

the artistic side of wanchai

the old side of wanchai - wonder how long they will continue to stand

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