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bye bye shanghai tang on pedder

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well at least, we don't have to buy a&f products at factory outlet places over in kowloon anymore

i heard one of the saddest news in hong kong retail in the last few days. the iconic shanghai tang store on pedder street will be replaced by abercrombie & fitch.

as we know that consumer power is slowly declining in america and rising with such prowess in asia, it is no wonder that in the last few months; we have seen a lot american retailers hitting the shores of hong kong such as the impending opening of gap and american eagles.

i just cannot believe that after years of being there, we will be losing such an iconic store( at such a prime piece of retail real estate) – which is unique to hong kong’s identity. i have never bought much from shanghai tang personally but whenever i have to bring tourists or clients, that would be one of the places i’d bring them. it’s also the place to go when you have to buy someone a corporate gift for someone to remember hong kong by. i’ll definitely miss it sorely!!

talking about american eagles – i was just at the shop last weekend. seriously, i don’t understand what the fuss is about. while there are a lot of good basic wear, the price and quality tell two different stories. it is what it is, the quality is rather crap!

the new american eagles outfitters at harbour city tst


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April 10, 2011 at 3:12 pm

4 really cute stationeries……

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i could spend hours at city super’s log on shop. they have the cutest and most frivolous stationeries, it makes me want to be a kid again. when i was young, i had a stack of stickers and a jar of erasers. it was my most prized collection. i won’t let anyone touch it or see it ( see i liked collecting things ever since i was young)

since i can’t go back in time and be a kid again, i can however shop at log on because they have such great gift ideas for literally anyone of any age. the next time you need to give someone a special present, do check log on out. they have a brand new shop on the 2nd floor of isquare, tst.

4 gb robot usb. they come in six different colors. this is my favorite - i call it my mod robot. it's hkd 220 each

so cute.....

converse all stars pencil case

these shoes aren’t made for walking – it is a converse pencil case. it comes in four different colors – blue, pink, red and black. when i was 15, i bought my first pair of  converse, so this is a little nostalgic for me.

erasers replicating all of my favorite sweet stuff - can you believe it, it comes in a plastic container. HK$ 35 each

you should check out the eraser section – i almost died of happiness. they had like little erasers of food stuff, fruits, carbonated can drinks. japanese people are just so insane when it comes to making cute stuff.

stuck on you personalized stickers

recently i received a very cute gift from my friend. they are called stuck on you . stuck on you stickers are personalized labels that goes on everything and anything. i wished i had them when i was a kid. there was a point in time, i like putting my name on everything including the walls in our old house. check out their website. the basic vinyl name labels are HK$ 169 for a set of 50. they are waterproof, microwave free, dishwasher safe and uv resistant.

besides name labels, you can also do funky bag tags and dog tags. i need a funky bag tag because sometimes at the baggage claim conveyor belt, i have to flip a few black bags to make sure, i don’t take the wrong one! sophie needs a tag too. i can’t wait for my godson jake to go to school – i want to give him a personalized set of stickers, water bottle…:)  you can get them delivered in 2-3 weeks time!!

sealed with a kiss...

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