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it’s so hard to say goodbye

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have you ever had one of those days where you walked around with a sad thought lingering at the back of mind, mind far far away from the physical body and your heart so heavy and yet you somehow know you need to keep it all together?

i had one of those days last thursday. just before i left the house at 7.30, a breaking news flashed across bloomberg announcing the death of steve jobs. when he announced that he could no longer fulfill his duties as ceo, i guess i knew it was anytime soon that we’d be seeing that in the news. but still i was really sad.  till now, i cannot understand the wave of sadness that i felt because steve was not anyone i knew personally.

i felt so silly when i told my boss – steve jobs passed away and i was fighting to hold back my tears. i don’t know steve. i am just one of the many million of beneficiaries of his innovative products. i have a mortal fear of dentist and every time i went to the dentist, i made sure my ipod was powered up with the loudest possible songs. prior to my ipod era, the sound of the drills just drove me crazy.. so thank u steve for that.

there are days i get really bored with the world. i hate the fact that our civility has made us so void of humanity.. everybody tries to do the same thing without questioning the integrity of doing it.. but steve was different. steve jobs was a bright spot in the midst of all the blindness.

the apple store in hk has become somewhat tribute hall for steve. i stood there reading some of the many notes that were written for steve..

many people said – you are an inspiration.

i hope that many people can see that steve did not become an inspiration by trying to be somebody else. i am sure as hell as steve became who he was without asking – do you have a template or a case study to do this?

he was who was because he could not agree with the way things were done.  while many of us including myself find it hard to agree with how things are done but we don’t do anything to turn it around and present a different view to it. we just walk away, shrugging off the thought and accepting it.

steve – you make me want to fight harder for the things that i don’t agree with because if i walk away not doing anything or saying anything or presenting my view – i have failed to make an impact to the world.

for days now, we also have been anticipating farewell to my good friend ruby’s cat – bagel. it happened on the same day.

that anchor in my heart just became heavier. my godson jake had to learn to say goodbye to a friend that has been so much a part of his life..

goodbye bagel – hope towards the end, it wasn’t too hard. you were a good cat.



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October 8, 2011 at 8:28 am

no, i don’t have any investing tips

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jesus christ people, for the last time i did not ask jim rogers for any tips and i don’t know what he is investing in. seriously, when i ask him to teach me, i wanted to do it the hard way because in life there is no point with someone giving you a fish a day when you should learn to fish for yourself.

if i had asked him for tips, it would be an insult to him. i don’t have any tips for you  but i can tell you this, he is 68 years old, he got off the plane with a stack of newspapers in his hand. when i showed him how he can now read financial times, bloomberg, awj on the iphone, he offered to trade his blackberry for my iphone( sorry rim, your technology is so passe) the man reads and observes – loads. and think about it, he was picking cans to sell at the age of 5. what were you doing? i was climbing trees, playing badminton with my neighbors and cycling. so does it surprise you he is more successful than you and me? the answer is no, he worked hard, he never took no for an answer and he lives his life seeking to learn new things.

and seriously, you do not need to ask mr. rogers how commodities will fare. as i was at the gym this evening, two ladies( they are cleaners) were chatting and they said that the prices of meat went up 50%. stop hanging out with people who earns only 200k a month, they won’t know. ask people who earns less than 10k a month. they can tell you how real inflation is and stop having your nose buried in your game consoles, the world is trying to teach you something. just open your heart to it.

by the way, mr. steve jobs please send mr. rogers an iphone and have one of your glorious mac genies teach him how to use . do it before eric schmidt does it – because you know what after seeing the android ( man the screen is so beautiful) i am now lusting for it.

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March 31, 2010 at 2:40 pm

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