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tomboys can still learn about make up

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yesterday was a good day; i spent half of yesterday learning make up from my friend priscilla. when people say that everyone of us have a gift, i have no doubt that creativity is priscilla’s god-given right. she is simply amazing and looking at her portfolio from bridal to stage to magazine, painting the faces of the rich and famous; you know that priscilla is one of those rare people who are doing exactly what they were born to do.

i asked priscilla to teach me make up i have always wanted to know the proper techniques of putting on make-up. although priscilla is mostly very busy doing photo shoots, she said that one of the reasons why she started her own company spectrum make up ( was to teach people how best use the cosmetics they have. she doesn’t quite agree with make up companies trying to sell people things they do not need. i do, i was doing sales and when you are in sales, your best friend is revenue and upselling.

the first thing i was asked to do – was to carry out my usual mundane make-up routine. she made notes and laughed hysterically at me. immediately, i know – hell i am going to be here for a long time. she took loads of pictures of me  as well – oh no!!  bad enough that i was being laughed at; she now has incriminating evidence of my mistakes.

after that she told me to removed everything and listen to her spread her gospel on make up. mistake numero uno – when they say your face is a canvas – they got that wrong. a good foundation doesn’t cover your flaws, it evens out the color. secondly, use concealers and use it well. number 3 – understand the contours of your face.

i was a fool till yesterday- don't just draw a line across the eyes

now wipe everything off and try again. me without make up, i feel so naked!

priscilla is only going to do half my face - the mandate to me: try and do the other half! foundation applied on the left side of the face

everything starts with the eyes

my eyes are almond shaped - so the way i apply my make up should look like a fan. heavier at the far end

my eyeliner is thanking me for using it correctly- finally

i kid you not when i tell you i feel only half pretty

my turn..... my turn....

fast forward a few hours later.. i feel so tired - it's worse than running an hour.

seriously i am happy i did this because for many people including myself, we spend a lot of money on make up but we don’t know how to use it properly. i think this is definitely a lesson well learnt and i hope that priscilla can continue teaching ignorant consumers like me to use what we have and to create the best possible results! the most important reason why i wanted to do this is because i just want to be the best version of myself. i expect a lot from myself. thanks priscilla!!!

more about priscilla’s work –

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