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1 of the things that i enjoy seeing the most in hk is freedom of speech. whilst i was working at the bank of china tower, i walk past chater garden daily and I see constantly a group of what i call professional protesters. i adore that. back home where i am from, malaysia, we don’t enjoy the privilege – we get thrown into jail without trial under the internal security act.

we have been reading about a growing phenomenon call the post 80s- the generation of adults born after 1980. characterized as trouble makers, ungrateful and young adults with nothing better to do, i personally don’t think we are listening to them hard enough.  i don’t think Donald Tsang and his generation is getting it. it’s hard when you are all the way up there.

a few weeks ago, i sat next to Christina Chan Hau Man( 陳巧文)  when she was being interviewed. it is absolutely a delight to see someone young, beautiful and smart representing the young people of hk. i find it funny that people are slamming her about the make up, the tiny tops she wears at protests. i overheard her saying to the reporter – “it’s hard to be myself now that paparazzis are camping outside my house taking photos of me while i brush my teeth in my underwear”.

I don’t think so. Whilst I am sure there are many ardent protesters out there, i think Christina is the package we all want to see – no one wants to spy on Long Hair whilst he is brushing his teeth. i don’t think. the girl is playing her game well.

brand christina is extremely marketable and any smart man looking for a wife will tell you – i want someone good looking, smart , nice personality and good heart. while many of use don’t know how to quantify a good heart  – it’s good enough to be just good looking and smart!

i asked Christina for a picture which she obliged – thank you. she asked me questions about Malaysia – i like her even more because i appreciate inquisitive parting words to her were –  ” you go girl, look at me i am a f******g suit( not anymore though)”. i don’t agree with everything she does or say but it doesn’t matter , young people need to obsess and persevere over causes. every phase we go through in life, we go for the experience of it. that’s all!!


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March 5, 2010 at 3:49 am

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