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autumn in hong kong.

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do you have a happy place on earth? i have many happy places in this world. when i started running a couple of years back, there was a place i look forward to going every single evening- bowen road on central.

it is a four kilometer running track that stretches all the way from central to happy valley. nestled high above mid levels, bowen road is so quiet in the evening. this is one place i feel closest to myself. it is my way of having a little me – time.

all photos are taken with my new canon g-12. still learning to use the is one fabulous piece of machine! love love love all the functions.


wanchai – view from the top

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all photos were taken from the 69th  floor of central plaza – it is currently the fourth tallest building in hong kong and the tallest building in wanchai. we look up to the skyline of hong kong so often that it’s not very often we down at it. doesn’t hong kong remind you a lot of lego land? buildings are so close to each other.

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May 21, 2010 at 9:58 am

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