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i am sad

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for days now, i have been waking up in cold sweat thinking about the oil leak in the gulf of mexico. it bothers me so much that i find myself tearing up thinking about the state of the world that we live in. everyday now, bloomberg and reuters flashes regular updates about how bp shares are doing. doesn’t it show you how f**ked this world at present? we care more about the capital markets than the world that we live in today.

in his latest statement tony hayward the ceo of bp said he wants his life back. how about us ? how about the ecosystem? how about the animals and plants who could not speak? why is it that the death of one person news while the death of countless, part of a statistical headcount? if we could jail murderers, rapists? how about guys like tony hayward?

what are they not telling us about this oil leak? or the numerous disasters prior to this one? will it leak till the point the field dries out? why have we become so good at building things but not know how to fix anything?

i have been reading the black swan by nassim nicholas taleb. i really like these few lines

” i have spent my entire life studying randomness, practicing randomness, hating randomness. the more  that time passes, the worse things seem to me, the more scared i get, the more disgusted i am with mother nature. the more i think about my subject, the more i have evidence that the world we have in our minds is different from the one playing outside. every morning the world appears to me more random than it did the day before and humans seem to be more fooled by it than they were the precious day. it is becoming unbearable. i find writing these lines painful, i find the world revolting”.

i feel you nassim.


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June 3, 2010 at 3:54 pm

the dilemma of my generation

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if i look at the type of life my parents and grandparents had when they were my age – i have no doubt but to say my generation is extremely lucky. when my grandparents were my age- world war 2 had just ended a little more than a decade ago, much of the world was in the rebuilding stage, my parents when they were my age in the 1980s – they were struggling to get out of poverty.

it saddens me to see young people of today, giving up on their lives. do you think that because our lives have become so easy, that we living lives of unfilled destinies?

everywhere i see today, whether we are asians or europeans or americans – we have inherited structures. our parents have taught us what works during their time. but does is it still applicable in my generation?

although the baby boomers became the most successful generation in written history – they have also gotten so many things wrong. we live in a culture today that is a byproduct of their struggle for prosperity. the family unit is in shambles. nobody wants to admit their mistakes anymore. i was so angry yesterday when i heard the ceo of bp saying – yes, there is oil leakage but not to the extend that has been claimed- does it matter? if is a leak, you f***king fix it. no one knows how to fix anything anymore because the system have compartmentalized our learning. we are relying on experts but do they really know?

corporations are killing us -the stupidest thing i found out is that a single plastic spoon takes 100 -150 years to decompose. my generation is formula fed babies. even doctors are recommend milk powder as opposed to breast milk. if you probe further, you will realize that doctors get commission for pushing milk powder.

the baby boomers have refined the world of capital markets. it is possible we have the ability to make enough money for our future generations in this lifetime. if so, why are we still forced to be someone we are not? why do they still insist on us being doctors, architects, lawyers.. we should nurture our children to be who they want to be. be happy.

i tell you the real reason why i do not want to be a parent. it is because i do not want my child in this flawed system. everywhere in the world today, i feel the reverberation of desperation. we want to heal the world. god help us please..

Written by smalltroubleinhk

May 26, 2010 at 2:23 am

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