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if it is meant to be…

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what kind of life are you destined to have?

there is particular fortune telling place along nathan road in jordan, kowloon that i find very interesting. at the entrance of the shop, they have pictures of palms of famous personalities – mainly people who have made the difference to the world.

i have always found the subjects of palm reading, fortune telling, aura reading interesting. while i do not dispute that there would many things about the world and its many cosmical layers that defy my understanding, i  do not like thinking my entire life has been pre-planned or pre-ordained in anyway at all.


the royal palm of the prince of wales.........

the palm of amelia earhart - the first woman who flew across the pacific

the great teddy roosevelt

i am not sure if this fortune teller is any good at all but i must say he has got some good marketing commonsense. if it all fails as a fortune teller, maybe he could highlight his skills as marketing communications specialist.

i am trying to match my palm to some of these famous personalities. i don’t have a match at all. whatever my palm says – i am sure it spells one thing – trouble!


pop art hong kong

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my old office at the bank of china tower - loads of memory of growing up and working with very special people

i love wanchai- it has so much character. i like the amalgamation between the old hong kong and the new one

afternoon tea at the mandarin oriental connaught road

worldwide football fever

ted baker in pacific place always have very interesting window displays

one of the best burgers in town shake 'em buns and they definitely have really good onion rings

coke out of a bottle is so much fizzier..

the germans have oktoberfest, we have the dragonboat festival

all the neons along nathan road - brings back a lot of memories of my walks from tst to mongkok when i first came to hong kong

kowloon – where the wild things are..

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kowloon and its multitude layers of texture. i took a walk along nathan road from jordan to mongkok yesterday at dusk. i think kowloon is beautiful. do you think so? if you don’t think so, let me prove you otherwise.

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June 13, 2010 at 8:05 am

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