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leng jai – where is my dim sum?

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someday if i ever had the chance to lead a business development team again, i will conduct all of my interviews at lin heung. i want to devise this game for the people i interview because i am telling you, lin heung has the perfect ecosystem to :-

a.) test a sales person’s endurance  and ability to hunt for sales

b.) observation skills ( which is very important because most sales people talk more nonsense than actually listening to what their  clients’ requirement)

c.) creativity ( you need creativity to get the best dim sums)

lin heung is one of last remaining HK style dim sum restaurants with push carts, waiters with really bad attitude but business is still really good ( try going there for lunch and you will know what I mean)

the reason is simple – the food is just so good and cheap.

i really need to give you a survival guide to lin heung. when you walk into lin heung first and foremost, you need to observe where the carts are coming out from. they come out from this little corner on the left, so try and get a seat closest to ground zero.

everything i have tasted at lin heung is pretty good so i don’t really have a list of recommendations for you but one thing you must really try is the custard cake.

with all this fighting for dim sum action; i realized the best way to get the best dim sum is to make friends with the waiters. so don’t let their shit attitude impede you.just call them LLLLLLLEEEEENNNGG JAIIIIII ( handsome) and by the way, in HK they don’t really have to be all that leng jai for you to call them that but please look like you mean it when you say it.

my prized - custard cake!!!! i am like a kid on christmas morning!!! all mine all mine!!!!!!!

yum yum!!!

dim sum snatching action

i really love the nostalgic old dim sum house atmosphere

when do you know food is good? just look at the love affair. nothing comes between you and the food

seriously - if you can't read chinese, you look at what people are eating, that is the best yardstick to gauge what is good at a restaurant

the damage is done

to go to lin heung160- 164 wellington street ( they open every day except the first three days of chinese new year) bless them, they are really very hardworking people.


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March 25, 2010 at 6:27 am

textures of hong kong – around central

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prince's building central

8 1/2 prince's building central

8 1/2 prince's building

robinson road central. this tree is amazing, it is growing so well on a 45 degrees concrete wall. i always like to think that, life happens no matter the circumstance - sometimes you just have to believe in it

lin heung wellington street - rudest waiters the world, dim sum so freaking good

graham market, central. this picture gives me the creeps..

graham market central

armani fiori chater house central

armani fiori chater house central

armani fiori chater house central

exchange square central

diesel, queen's road central

diesel, queen's road central

zara ifc central

aberdeen street central. this building has so much texture, it's really quite beautiful

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March 19, 2010 at 5:25 am

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