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be a pack leader

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i first heard the name cesar millan several years ago when he appeared on oprah’s talk show to  help her with her dog problem. after that, i read this book – what the dog saw by malcolm gladwell where the infamous dog whisperer was featured as one of the stories in gladwell’s book.

what an extraordinary man and story about a modern day – pack leader.

i love watching cesar millan and the fact that his is easy on the eyes is a definite bonus. his show is now my favorite new show on national geographic every wednesday night.

ohhhh myyy god – i think we need more people like cesar and we need to be more like cesar.

i have an argument to make and this is based on my general observation of the world.

there aren’t enough pack leaders in the world. our parents have failed to become pack leaders, our governments have failed and even at schools they have completely failed.

let me give you an example, in the last few months there has been a lot of debates going on in hk about the government giving each person a tax return of HK$6000 after saying they won’t. the government caved in and did it solve the problem? no. it became worse because every same people who demand for it are now asking more. it is human nature and every politician out there has forgotten the basics, they ought to read the prince again and try to really understand the essence of what machiavelli was trying to convey.

i have learnt from my observation that people want direction, you just need to tell them what to do and hold the rein of power. it is not different to what cesar does.

i am no nostradamus but at the rate we are going i think a lot of governments will fail because they have totally lost the plot.they try to do things to please voters and to gain votes. it is so sad but popularity is now in the way of doing the appropriate thing.

the issue of raising the debt limit in us, i am no economist but every one that holds a credit card should be able to tell what happens if you keep paying the minimum rate – you get eaten up by paying compound interest.

isn’t it sad that nowadays, you can always almost rely on the government to do the wrong thing all in the name of popularity.

till today, i must say that one of the best politicians in the 20th century was lee kuan yew. call him a dictator, a tyrant, blah blah blah but at the end of the day, he got his country together. look at singapore today. people don’t understand that too much of something becomes toxic, you cannot have  freedom of speech when you have three different religions in a small country. for general good, i don’t mind not having all the freedom in the world. this is because when you have a failed state, you can say everything you want to say…and your life will be a hot mess..

so like what cesar says – be a pack leader. be stern and be calm.

actually dogs and us – ain’t that different.


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June 5, 2011 at 4:21 am

a big dilemma

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i was looking for mr. lee's book and found the malay dilemma next to it. read a chapter of the dilemma and said damn - this is a waste of my time. the book was written in 1970. not much changes since better to just read a book on mr. lee. smart man but a bit of a dictator


my malaysian chinese identity has led many people to ask me about affirmative action policies that malaysia adopts to protect its indigenous people.

what are the affirmative action policies? i don’t know all of it but these are some that i know of.

1.) purchasing of property- they get a discount between 7% – 10%.

2.) they get special quotas to enter universities

3.) companies have to fulfill a specific hiring quota

first of all let me reiterate that i am not interested in talking about these rights. the reason why i am writing about this particular topic is because far too many people have asked me how i feel about it.

before i tell you how i feel about this. let me tell draw the parallels between drug users lining up for their daily dosage of methadone in front of rehab centers and affirmative action policies.

many experts say that methadone help addicts kick the habit. i think it delays it. it is a tool of self deceit that stops addicts from dealing with the problem. it is the same with affirmative action policies.

i think many people expect me to b**** about it, throw a fit, exclaim anger and state unfairness. well i did, when i was young.

but you know what, i am thankful for the way things are. as the chinese have always been a marginalized community, my grandparents and parents have to work hard. there is nothing we can fall back on.

we look out for each other. we build chinese schools that are far better schools than national ones. we work hard to send our children abroad because local universities have racial quotas to fill and as a direct result to that – we are more expose to better living standards outside the country.

i have recently begun to understand the notion of happiness a little more intimately. you can never be happy when your happiness is dependent on another source.

i have so many malay friends and i know they deserve more. i have said this and will say it again. malaysia like many places in the world has so much potential for greatness but so it is so untapped, it frustrates me.

i stood at the kl international airport a week ago wondering where international carriers have gone to – singapore, thailand, hong kong.

my country was a lot more open in the 1980s and 1990s. it has now become a stinking ground of mental inbreds. all because of policies that make us think, we need to be protected.

i think we are all stronger than we give ourselves credit for..

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