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overheard 2

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watched overheard 2 last night. it wasn’t my movie of choice because although i enjoyed the first movie, i couldn’t understand why they named this one after the first one when all the cast in the first had died. i was told that the second movie is an entirely new plot, new story and the characters have been reshuffled around but still i was skeptical.

man, i was so wrong!!

overheard 2 is one of the best hong kong movies i have watched in recent years. way better than the first one. i like it for all the right reasons. all the villians were the big-time bad boys in hong kong cinema which i haven’t seen in so long and i actually thought by now some of them would be dead by now. the story line is really tight and right from the start, i couldn’t wait to get more out of the movie. i was like – oh my god, what is next? why is he doing that?

you know when they say we get better with age – we really do. a few years ago, i remember thinking louis koo is such a crap actor but his performance in overheard 2 is absolutely mind blowing. but i love daniel wu’s character the most and daniel has never looked better in recent years. he is still one of the hottest chinese actors in hong kong cinema and he has gotten better and better with each movie.

if you think hong kong movies aren’t worth going back to the cinemas for, overheard 2 will change your mind all over again about hong kong. definitely a great mid-autumn festival treat with so much eye candy and heart pumping action.


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September 13, 2011 at 3:23 pm

my name is fame

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for someone who grew up on a diet of hong kong films, i am terribly disappointed at the state of the industry today. the way it looks to me right now, it’s like as though the industry cares too much about making movies that are for everyone. back then, the industry didn’t care. it made movies based on hk’s unique identity. if you wanted to understand it, you better be well versed with cantonese jokes.

one of the best hong kong films in recent years in my opinion was my name is fame.coincidentally this was also the film that landed lau ching wan(刘青云) the best actor award at the 2007 hong kong film festival award – finally!!! the award show has eluded him all these years although i honestly think he is one of the industry’s best.

i don’t understand why this movie did not receive the type of attention it deserved.

the movie talks about ah fai, an actor who loved his craft so much to the point that he could not stand the type mediocrity he has to tolerate. he couldn’t tolerate actors who can’t act, directors who can’t direct. he complains, whines and makes life very difficult for them till the point nobody wanted to use him anymore.

it feels a lot like the real world isn’t it. nobody tells the truth anymore. the only recent time someone challenged the status quo was general mcchrystal

and we all know what happened to the outspoken general – dismissed.

anyways, if you ever had the chance to watch my name is fame – you really should watch it. it pokes fun of the status quo, pokes fun of the ridiculous mediocrity we have to tolerate and i hope it’s high time that hong kong thinks about making movies that are about hong kong. f*** what everyone thinks. you get nowhere when you are running with your head turn backwards.

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August 3, 2010 at 4:53 am

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