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hong kong’s finest stars

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i think there is a reason why i have such an amazing life. it comes from my approach in life. let me give you an example – many years ago at a marina. i saw a guy eating ice cream alone and i said to him – hi why don’t you join us? i had no idea who he was but i invited him in my life and my best friend’s. they have been together since and from him i learnt a lot about life.

i think about all the meaningful relationships i have formed in my life. they come from the fact that i have an open heart. i never refrain myself the opportunity from knowing someone.  i have always lived my life based on intuition and i never let myself go on with someone if i develop bad vibes towards them. my best friend said when we were young – you are being judgemental and i tried for a few years to ignore my intuition. in recent years, i learn to trust it even more.

yesterday, i opened my heart again. i met a new friend and he is amazing. do you believe that how are you attract energies? whenever people tell me that they only attract the wrong type men or women. i suggest they reexamine their energy flow – good or negative

i met elven ho – for now virtually. we are linked by a few people on facebook and he tagged one of my friends in his old photo. and because i was curious to see how my friend looked like in his younger days, i unlocked a treasure trove – my passion for hk films.

i don’t know how many times i have said this.i think i have watched i think every hk film made in the 1980s and 1990s and it was my love for hk that made me packed my bags and left home. i begged elven and asked him permission to publish his photos.


the most beautiful taiwanese woman, in my opinion brigette lin. loved her in bride with white hair with gor gor leslie cheung

the cutesy sylvia chang. she is definitely very beautiful and has substance. i love all the movies she has directed and they are all about great women!!! you go girlfriend!

jackie chan and willie chan - so young!!!

rosamund kwan - such beautiful big eyes. my favorite rosamund movie - the wong fei hung series with jet li as aunt 13

the most dashing hk actor - chow yuen fatt

michelle yeoh when she married dickson poon

still the best actress of her generation- maggie cheung

my favorite cherie cheung - she is soooooooo cute! my favorite cherie movie - an autumn's tale with chow yuen fatt

always tot nina li chi has the best BOD - lucky jet li

danny chan - my grandma's favorite singer!! she played his songs at home over and over and over again

there you go another of chow yuen fatt

the first boy i fell in love with - gor gor leslie cheung. my favorite gor gor movie she is a man she is a woman with anita yuen. when i first came to hk, i went to the fringe club and said - hk i have arrived!!

star power all the way. look at those eyes.

this is when words fail me..... everything i say is unnecessary

carina lau - beautiful yesterday still beautiful today

gor gor in the 1980s during probably his monica days

i feel tears forming in my eyes whenever i see these old photos. they are priceless. thank you for sharing them with me elven


Romancing HK

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my love affair with hk started when i was old enough to watch TV. it is possible i have watched ever movie made between 1983 – 90s.if you ask many asians around my age hk movies were an induction platform to the city.

it is not rare that till today when i tell people i live in hk, they tell me -i love chow yuen fatt or jackie chan or wong kar wai. that was how my love for HK started. if we really think about it, the movie industy was possibly the most valuable commodity the city has and it is what gives hk its flavor and essence.

i am sad to see the state of the hk movie industry today. whilst i think that there are great movies from time to time, i am surprise that not more is done to promote it. recent great movies like my name is fame by lau ching wan( which coincidentally talks about the declining state of the hk movie industry) and bodyguards & assassins with donnie yen were shown at cinemas for only a very short period of time. worse still, there aren’t even any great publicity stunts before the movies go on when lau ching wan actually and finally clinched the title of best actor at the hk movie award.

movies do not make as much as they used to due to piracy and shrinking overseas market but it’s sad to see not more innovation is poured into finding different ways to monetize the project because believe or not i still think that people will pay for good entertainment.

the great depression has really changed the landscape of entertainment in the u.s. – good things. i can’t tell you how much i have enjoyed recent movies like up in the air, julie & julia, avatar and amelia – i recognize the amount of heart placed into making the movies.

the unique hk identity is vanishing rapidly and with the motherland’s power growing by the day, it would be sad to see HK lose its most valuable asset – the familiarization of  hk via entertainment and not just as the financial hub of for many foreigners behold a sense of magical nostalgia because people want to come here to see what they have seen in the movie. korea since the 1990s have been focusing on that and look at it today – every young girl I know wants a date with Rain.

i hope to see a revival to the movie industry but we definitely need young good entertainers and not people who just want to be famous.

my husband and i recently used the old hk as inspiration of for our photos. i really love them because hk has such beautiful texture.

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March 7, 2010 at 5:11 am

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