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the disneyland for adults.. here in asia – macau

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disneyland for adults – now that is a proposition i like. if there was a museum archiving sex, hugh hefner deserves an altar and a worship room. i may not have sat on his lap or became one of his girlfriends but last friday night, i had rendezvous and took a peek into the bejeweled world of naughty fantasies, beautiful women and powerful men.

though that night lasted one night – that was enough for me to prove that hugh hefner really exists and the playboy club is not a figment of imagination.

asia now has a chance to embrace more of it as the first playboy club is about to open its doors at sands macau.


it is not appropriate to ask me what i was wearing, instead you should ask me what wasn't i wearing



faisal can't wait to see all the playboy bunny hopefuls



the winner i think is......


i asked reggie martin the general manager of the club. the guys have all the girls to look at. how about the girls? are you going to make it playboy stud for women? he laughed and said that he would invite me for chippendale ( a strip tease for girls) i’d hold you to it reggie.


remember reggie - chippendale



i think being a bunny is a lot of hard work. no kidding. that suit is hard to wear


you know i have always been curious about the playboy bunny alumni. what do you do after you become a bunny? last friday i met a real bunny – denise pernula. i like denise. she is a small town girl from wyoming and working with playboy has given her a chance to see the world. i asked her if i could touch her bunny tail and she said because i was special – she allowed me the gesture.

the bunny tail was so soft and fluffy. nothing like one of those cheap halloween versions i tried before. feels as though it’s real bunny fur as well.

i suddenly feel as though the playboy icon is everywhere. i wonder if there is some sort of a global pr campaign happening right to try and rejuvenate the brand. i read about the big bunny – hugh’s plane a week ago on the wall street and a few hours ago – i saw hugh on cnbc’s titans.


apparently bunnies come in all shapes and sizes.. i wonder if there was a maximum weight though?


if i ever threw a dinner party to celebrate the lives of great men and women, hefner would be one of the first on my list of invitees.

at the end of the day, i feel that there is so much more depth in this man than his all-play, all sex, all young girlfriends exterior.

i never believe in everything i see but i think hugh is just one of few smart ones who have figured out what sells and what doesn’t.

i think he and i could be friends and we could talk business. i’d love to learn from him.

say hugh are you looking for an apprentice? i am not blonde nor tall nor skinny but i am 10 feet of unadulterated personality.


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October 17, 2010 at 4:24 pm

let’s go bunny hunting

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hugh hefner belongs to a league of what i consider – extraordinary super humans. this is one man that all men want to be. he built a business empire based on the primal instinct of humans – sex. last week in the wall street journal, i read an article about the big bunny. the big bunny was hugh’s big black plane.

in hugh’s words – “ The jet bunnies were women who were actual bunnies in the Playboy clubs in Chicago and Los Angeles but they were also fully trained stewardesses. Stewardesses used to look like Bond Girls; now they look like your mother. The jet bunnies’ costumes were very James Bond-like. There was a black mini dress made of a leatherette material that was very striking, tall boots and a long white scarf with a rabbit. I’m very design oriented, so I had a lot to do with them”.

i was telling everyone about the bunny in the last couple of days and you know what i cannot believe my luck -we have just been invited to go for the playboy bunny hunt to mark the opening of the macau playboy club.

i cannot wait to be in the company of tall beautiful walking talking sex on sticks. it will be one HOT HOT HOT night.

do you think it’s appropriate if i pack along my bunny ears? oh when i was young, i often questioned the choice of the iconic bunny  and you know the saying? hump like a bunny.

let’s have a bunny good time then!

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