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hong kong hong kong

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i am biased to say this – hong kong, the most amazing city in asia.

somewhere close to hollywood road

a petal on the tarmac road

i am walking on hollywood road

still not famous yet

shoes, shoes, shoes

yes please

yes please

but i am scared of ghosts....

does anyone remember how film smell like?

mini world

my hubby's - i am thinking look

fishy wallets - so as long as my moolah don't swim away tooo

22 men on a green field - thats field day for us women

best kept secret in hong kong - uncle russ coffee. try the soy milk latte

weekend treat - a long walk and uncle russ

once every four years

summer's up!! for the vintage chick in me

on the deck of the american club

best cheese cake in hk - at sift the mascarpone cheese cake

you don't say


doing it the doggy style

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i invited all my friends to the safe sex for pets 2 party at m1nt yesterday on facebook. i should not have said fund raising to help finance a pet neutering campaign. instead i should have stuck to the basic selling tenet – sex .

if you ever get to go to the party again next year which i hope you do – the safe sex for pets party is wild and crazy. who cares if you are paying HK$ 350 for the entrance fee. you get a free flow of alcohol, a really good goody bag and a quirky goodbye gift that says  – i like doing it the doggy style. my pet is dexed!!!

oh best of all, someone must have known about my enthusiasm for men in uniform( mucho caliente!!!) the organizers had tyson entertainment provide the strip tease act.oh my god, seriously if you want a male stripper, please go to tyson– the men are good quality

anyways, some facts about hong kong and animals. the city puts down ( boo hoo!!!!!) 2,000 animals a month because they are homeless. the party is organized by stop( save hk’s cats and dogs) they are always looking for volunteers.

the pet industry really shits me. please don’t buy pets, please do a pet personality test to determine if the breed suits your lifestyle and finally, what i find is the most common misconception about  pet adoption – a lot of people feel that abandoned dogs have massive personality defects!! that is totally f***ked up. just spend a day with my sophie. we adopted her four years ago and she is my best friend!

by the way, hk dog rescue is moving to tai po because they lost their space in pok fu lam. there are dogs that need a home right now. my poor friend sally andersen. on this coming 8 of may, they are putting on a 12 hour straight stand up comedy – comedython

have a good laugh and support my furry friends!!!!!!

i didn't the grand prize!!! boo boo!

one of the last sober pictures i took - corinne you look smashing!! i want that corset!!

this is one scary apparatus. i still have not figured out the thing in the middle. i need instruction manual. we got this free!

lucky dog!!

they were selling this spanking thing for HK$ 550. come on, if i had bought it, my husband would spank me on the head!!

pilot, when do we take off?


awwwww. i hope you find a good home and someone who loves you. sophie is very jealous.she wants to be the only child!

sophie, you are my best friend.

wing lee street – remnants of the past

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there is a thai lady who lives on the second floor in my apartment building and i go to her regularly for massages. she gives the best massage in the world. as it turns out, she was born in a village less than a 1000 kilometers from the border of malaysia. till she was about 20, her little village had no electricity and many of the girls either turn out to be masseurs or prostitutes.

i don’t know about you but have you thought about where you are born and the options you are then given in life? i think a lot about these things. i think about how possibly f**ked up my life could be if i was born a little more north, or i was born in saudi arabia or north korea or even somalia. perhaps you can argue with me and tell me that what do you not have, you will never know what you are missing out. maybe..

people have asked me why is a foreigner writing about hong kong. i can tell you; people of hong kong are some of the world’s luckiest people in the world but some of the saddest too because they want so much, too much as a matter of fact.maybe you too need a foreigner to remind you that – we all need to feel a tad bit of appreciation for the things we have. i need to remind myself that too because i too could have been born a 1000 kilometers more north and walking the streets of bangkok without knowing about the other options in life.

went for a little walk  with hubby to wing lee street – the street where they filmed echoes of the rainbow yesterday.

to go to wing lee street, go to hollywood road at the side of man mo temple

finally wing lee street has been saved from demolition

if echoes of the rainbow hadn't been such a major success, do you think the voices of the people will be heard?

direct translation - save wing lee street

apparently wing lee street has one of the last remaining intact row of tong laus ( old shop lots)

although it is saved the people living there still has to fork out for its maintenance

i enjoy taking photos at a close up angle

lock and keyhole. wonder how many different families have lived here throughout the years

the people living there must find it so noisy these days because taking photos on wing lee street is apparently the in- thing to do in hong kong.. poor thing

i love this picture!!!

this building is so old - weeds are growing on the window ledge. but it's kinda charming

beautiful beautiful texture..

strong tree, strong roots

in every city.. no matter how busy it is, i guess we need to find a little solace in it. i love trees

mr. postman - i only get bills now.. no one really writes except my birthday cards from mum

this old man is too cute

there is a tree lined path that connects wing lee street to the back streets of sheung wan. it’s a nice walk if you fancy seeing a different facet to the city. oh yes, there is also a museum of medicine and herb on caine lane. happy exploring

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