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counting my blessing

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bad things happen to remind us the fragility of all the goods things that are happening around us.

it may be hard to see through the dead of a loved one but it serves to remind us to cherish the living.

whenever i am unsatisfied with what i have ( which happens a lot) i think about people who are born in the wrong countries ie. north korea, pakistan, burma or palestine. being born in a shitty place automatically means you have less opportunities to raise above the odds and succeeding

i think about people i thought were going to do well in life who did not make it just because of one life changing incident that happened.

i think a lot about how i am going to exchange my youth and time in this life time with meaningful deeds, accomplishments that i am happy to speak about and all the good people that will come my way who will add value to my life.

i think a lot about filtering out the bad ones and cutting the ties should they continue to shed negativity on my life.

i think a lot about counting my blessings and to do what i can do change the little bits that i don’t like about myself.

this is because i believe when i change something small for something good, the right things will always come along.


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September 18, 2011 at 8:04 am

delivering happiness

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two days ago my friend luigi bade us farewell and left for buenos aires. i am going to miss him terribly because he was always one of those guys with great vibes. in his farewell e-mail, he made me tear a little – this is what he said to us

Price to Argentina – around $18,000

Price for quitting your job without a fall back plan and hoping for the best – Your savings

Price for following your heart and having a send off from the most incredible people in HK – Fu*king priceless

luigi la toya

good luck my  good man.

about a month ago, i read this book call delivering happiness – a path to profits, passion and purpose. it was written by tony hsieh the ceo of zappos.

i absolutely love love love the book. it was written so much honesty and simplicity. i hope you get to read it soon.

i wrote him an e-mail to thank him for the book  and about two weeks back his team contacted me about publishing my story on the website of the book. can you believe it? i was over the moon. i can finally tell my dad – dad, here you go. i did something with my degree in journalism. i have something in print!! hahaha

and they did- they have my story on the website ** beaming like a school girl**

usually when a book is really good – i highlight bits of it. i just want to share with you stuff which resonated well with me or at least my current state of being.

” there was something alluring about being involved in something where the sole purpose was to create an experience and emotional journey for people and then to have nothing but memories left afterward to hold on to”.

” they say necessity is the mother of  invention”.

“i thought about how easily we are all brainwashed by our society and culture to stop thinking and just assume by default that more money equals more success and more happiness when ultimately happiness is really about enjoying life”.

” i knew what i wasn’t going to do. i wasn’t going to site around letting my life and the world pass me by. people thought i was crazy for  giving up all that money. and yes, making that decision was scary but in a good way”.

after my experience of dealing with tony’s team- i can say for sure this company is a diamond in the midst of a lot of bullshit. you know, as i think about you know what is one of the biggest crimes in today’s world – we say that every client is unique but actually we developed stupid company protocols to treat them them all alike.

as for me, i am a fan of zappos until proven otherwise. good luck tony and good luck zappos. i am rooting hard for you!!

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September 24, 2010 at 3:29 am

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