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a nice summer weekend in hong kong

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there is a lot that you can do in hong kong.

there are times i choose not to do much but to hang out with friends – we don’t hang out enough in hong kong. people here are always scurrying around and always keeping to a busy schedule.

i had a good relaxing weekend and i hope you did too.

i love summer weekends like this. blue skies, puffy white clouds resembling dancing marshmallows in the sky.

yesterday karen and i sat outdoor for lunch at isola at ifc. this has to be one of the longest lunches i have had in a long time. it’s just that we haven’t seen each other in so long and we had so much catching up to do. i enjoyed every bit of it. it was such a beautiful summer day overlooking the victoria harbor.

i honestly love living in hong kong. there is something about living close to the sea that comforts me. every time i come to isola for lunch, i honestly don’t remember the food much. i just remember the view but this time however, we ordered the beef carpaccio. it was superb.

i haven’t been to the beach much since summer started. sophie my 6 year old labrador loves the water and a good game of tennis ball. as well, i am in dire need of a nice tan. i don’t look good pale, my skin’s natural tone is kinda sallow and slightly greenish. when i am too fair, i look sick and plus this year because of my bad neck – i didn’t do the dragon boat. i want to get back to it next year hopefully.

whenever sophie catches the sight of a tennis ball, she goes MAD.. do you think that this hereditary trait for labrador retrievers? maybe it says it in the name, retriever. ever since i was young with all my experiences with this particular breed of dog, they are crazy about balls..

goodnight everyone. have a good week ahead. sophie is snoring at my feet.


handmade hong kong

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i can’t believe i am going to miss handmade hong kong and it’s happening in my neighborhood -discovery bay. i just checked out the people who will be exhibiting their wares on that day..

ruby martini – who makes the cutest headpieces.i had wanted to get something from her a while ago for an event. she makes amazing stuff.

have a look at at the participating vendors – i just checked it out and it looks as though it is going to be a fantastic event.

miss bella looks like she has some interesting accessories

i love handmade stuff. till i was about 19 – i used to hand make gifts for my friends. i was never really good but i loved the idea of creating something special for someone special. last christmas, my friend priscilla’s daughter-aly made me this photo frame. i was really touched with the gesture.

when was the last time anyone gave you a hand made gift? or even write you a handwritten letter or a greeting card? i still have all the letters my friends gave me during primary and secondary school.

talking about the good old days of being young – i just remembered something my english teacher said to me – ” i wished i had a longer neck to see what naughty things you are doing at the back “.

the thing is, i am always doing naughty deeds.

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May 28, 2010 at 5:46 pm

my sunset collection…over the years in hong kong

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i don’t wake up early enough to watch the sunrise and the sun rises very early in hong kong. over the years, i think i have seen a lot of spectacular sunsets in hong kong. i am putting together some of my favorites as a reminder that in life, we need free thrills to keep ourselves happy.. hope everyone had a good weekend!!

sunset in sunny bay lantau island

sunset in mui wo lantau island

sunset at tsim sha tsui overlooking the victoria harbour

sunset over ocean park

sunset at the zaha hadid channel exhibition

sunset at cheung chau island

sunset at the sai kung

sunset at cheung sha beach lantau island

sunset at tai tam reservoir hong kong island

sunset at fan lau lantau island

sunset at pui o lantau island

sunset at nam shan wai yuen long

sunset at causeway bay

sunset at pui o

sunset up on the peak

sunset at tai long wan sai kung

sunset at sheung wan

sunset in wanchai

sunset at home in discovery bay

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