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counting my blessing

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bad things happen to remind us the fragility of all the goods things that are happening around us.

it may be hard to see through the dead of a loved one but it serves to remind us to cherish the living.

whenever i am unsatisfied with what i have ( which happens a lot) i think about people who are born in the wrong countries ie. north korea, pakistan, burma or palestine. being born in a shitty place automatically means you have less opportunities to raise above the odds and succeeding

i think about people i thought were going to do well in life who did not make it just because of one life changing incident that happened.

i think a lot about how i am going to exchange my youth and time in this life time with meaningful deeds, accomplishments that i am happy to speak about and all the good people that will come my way who will add value to my life.

i think a lot about filtering out the bad ones and cutting the ties should they continue to shed negativity on my life.

i think a lot about counting my blessings and to do what i can do change the little bits that i don’t like about myself.

this is because i believe when i change something small for something good, the right things will always come along.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

September 18, 2011 at 8:04 am

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