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one cool way to cool down one hot summer

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vitamin water is the trendiest liquid in the market today. i first noticed the product a bit over a year ago when i was cutting my hair and the server at the salon asked me if i wanted to try it. after that, they were everywhere at all the coolest spots in town. i like vitamin water. it gives me the convenience of carrying a bottle of water packed with vitamins everywhere i go.

i hate summer time in hong kong. the humidity drives me ( and my hair) crazy. the good people at vitamin water is making the best out of it. they are driving around hong kong in this humongous truck where you could play dress up with your fabulous friends and sample some vitamin packed water!! besides that, it is a good way to escape the summer heat

look out for it. starting from the 23 – 25 of july, they will be at isquare in tsim sha tsui and times square on the 30th of july till the 1st of august.

becareful i scratch when i am annoyed


alien invasion – when aliens meet artists

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first there were the stanley kubrick bears – we have seven of it at home. now, following the success of toystory –  i see aliens everywhere. i loved every minute of toystory 3. i loved the complexity of each character and the richness of the content. i don’t mind watching again and again. feel like a child again.

the toystory exhibition is now at times square, causeway bay. relive all of your favorite toy story moments all over again.

hysteric glamour alien

aliens in alien

lego alien

mickey alien

can't remember the name of this alien

this looks like the beijing olympics alien to me.

grafitti alien

ms piggy alien

spiderman alien

i don't know what alien it is. i like the colors though

chinese alien.. hahaha

the incredible alien

i like aliens.

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July 18, 2010 at 4:34 pm

my sunset collection…over the years in hong kong

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i don’t wake up early enough to watch the sunrise and the sun rises very early in hong kong. over the years, i think i have seen a lot of spectacular sunsets in hong kong. i am putting together some of my favorites as a reminder that in life, we need free thrills to keep ourselves happy.. hope everyone had a good weekend!!

sunset in sunny bay lantau island

sunset in mui wo lantau island

sunset at tsim sha tsui overlooking the victoria harbour

sunset over ocean park

sunset at the zaha hadid channel exhibition

sunset at cheung chau island

sunset at the sai kung

sunset at cheung sha beach lantau island

sunset at tai tam reservoir hong kong island

sunset at fan lau lantau island

sunset at pui o lantau island

sunset at nam shan wai yuen long

sunset at causeway bay

sunset at pui o

sunset up on the peak

sunset at tai long wan sai kung

sunset at sheung wan

sunset in wanchai

sunset at home in discovery bay

you can buy, rent or sell your designer stuff

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i found this shop yesterday and i cannot wait to tell you about it.

you know the thing i love most about hong kong is the fact that i don’t read or write chinese, so i treat walking every street corner as an adventure. rents in hong kong are the fourth highest in the world and because of that, to find good things you need to hunt for it!!!!

when people talk about a holiday in hk, they never fail to relay crazy shopping stories. if you still feeling burnt from buying too much from your last trip, let me suggest how you can make some money to fund your next trip.

you can resell your designer goods. of course you can do that now at milan station but the resale prices are so low, you’d be insulted. i found this place yesterday ( which is very unlikely for tourists to find) at Jardine Bazaar. it’s called Icon Lady. you can put your sell your designer stuff on consignment. just name a price and if they sell it, they get a 20% cut from the transaction.

what if they sell after you leave hong kong? no problem, they can mail you the check or you can your friends who live in hong kong to do it for you. i’d be happy to offer you this service but you have to pay for postage. dope isn’t it?

besides selling your designer stuff, you can buy REAL designer stuff at a discounted price. depending on the brand, i’d say expect a 15% – 20% discount.

okie, let me get to the BEST part, you can also RENT a bag. yup you heard me right. funny right, in hong kong people are really obsessed about status. i have thought of renting cars, houses,electrical goods but i never thought of renting a handbag. the shop assistant said, the most popular rent items are clutches. which makes perfect sense because clutches are so darn small but expensive and most of the time, you only use it for a one off event.

how much is it to rent a clutch – between HK$ 200 – HK$400 for 2 day 1 night. look on their website to check out the renting procedure. it’s pretty simple and it’s so much cheaper than buying a non-branded bag.

so the next time your boyfriends or husband say, don’t come to hong kong, you will sure spend money like as though money grows on tree. tell them, i am going to do business too – i am selling my designer stuff!!

this is why trouble loves hong kong! it’s the only place in the world where people go to the extremes for capitalistic reasons – please use this system wisely and share it with all the shopaholics you know!!!

oh which the way – just for your info. the top brands they sell, rent and buy are classic LV, Gucci, Hermes, Miu Miu, Prada and Chanel

Look for this !!!

Icon Lady

3/F Golden Bloom Centre

25 Jardine Bazaar Causeway HK

Tel: 2116 1678


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