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autumn in hong kong.

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do you have a happy place on earth? i have many happy places in this world. when i started running a couple of years back, there was a place i look forward to going every single evening- bowen road on central.

it is a four kilometer running track that stretches all the way from central to happy valley. nestled high above mid levels, bowen road is so quiet in the evening. this is one place i feel closest to myself. it is my way of having a little me – time.

all photos are taken with my new canon g-12. still learning to use the is one fabulous piece of machine! love love love all the functions.


the storm that never came..

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it was a strange week in hong kong. the supposed mega- storm megi which ripped and torn her her way through the philippines was expected to make land fall in hong kong on friday night.

everyone was bracing for it. people cancelled events -i volunteered for this pet fund raising event –woofstock ( which has been rescheduled to the 7th of november)  i taped down all the windows at home as a precaution because the wind had been so strong on thursday night, my balcony doors were shaking.

but megi never came, the whole thing got blown to taiwan. it didn’t even carried the usual aftermath of a failed- to -happen storm – the horrible rain!

hong kong island on the 23rd of October on bowen road - after the storm comes the CALM

last week i went to two really good places for dinner – which i can’t wait to tell you about. my friend jo and i went to oolaa this italian restaurant on bridges street at mid levels. we HEART the atmosphere. jo is from new york and since moving to hk three years ago, she has really missed the big apple.

she said oolaa reminds her of nyc, there is a huge bar area for you to wait for your friends, have a pre-dinner drink and the space lay-out is very generous.

i had the blue swimmer crab lasagna which was UNBELIEVABLY yummy.

sorry i didn’t take any good pictures – had to rely on the iphone because i forgot my camera that day but the restaurant is far too dark for the pictures to turn out well

oolaa is a must try  – i sum it up with three adjectives – great food, great value as the serving is huge and great atmosphere.

last friday after a vigorous workout at the gym – i was so hungry i swear i could eat a whole chicken. rudi and i took a nice stroll from central to wanchai hoping to find a new place to eat.

at the corner of gresson street, we caught a whiff of greasy chinese fried food. we were sold immediately. i took a quick look at what most people were eating – see picture below and the crab baked rice.

razor clams in black bean sauce

i love a good dai pai dong style dinner. i love unpretentious good food and friendly down to earth servers. if you ever have guests in town asking for an authentic hong kong style dinner, i’d suggest you bring them to crowd restaurant.

we ordered the peppermint cheese ribs and the prawns with scallops and eggs. i really like the prawns because prawns are such difficult things to cook well. it’s very crunchy and fresh whereas as the peppermint ribs – perhaps they could marinate it longer for the meat to absorb the flavor.

prawns with scallops and eggs. they also sprinkled a dash of cashew nuts over the dish giving it more ommppphhhh

peppermint ribs with cheese. interesting concoction

if you are interested to check out crowd restaurant -the address is shop a, 14 gresson street wanchai, 2866 8088.

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