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chris luk – a very talented photographer!

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i was coming home last tuesday night and i bumped into a friend of mine -chris luk. i have always liked chris. he is one of those people you want to be stuck with in a lift with.

i have been a curator of beautiful photography, beautiful literature ever since i was young.

chris does a lot of part time photography -weddings, photo shoots and i cannot believe why he doesn’t do it full time. the man has such good taste. at the end of the day, i think people can be very technically gifted at what they do, but i what i like about chris’s work is taste. again taste is very subjective. i have a feeling like me, chris loves old movie stars, the glamour of the yesteryears…

so i am going to pimp his work on my blog and i have secretly stole his work ( i didn’t ask his permission yet) and if you guys are looking for a fantastic photographer with a nice ass ( bonus, chris does a lot of kickboxing) please visit his site –chris luk

nostalgic - reminds me of the beautiful jackie o!!!!!

chris was telling me about this recent wedding job he took on - the couple's theme was about dying together.. a bit macabre but so fun!

damn, chris when i die. can you make me look hot like that?

so drama!!!

i don't know why i am thinking of a forlorn maria callas

actually right chris, i have been looking for a tube like this....


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November 18, 2010 at 4:48 am

jacmila the artist

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jacmila's art which now graces the soho walkway - this was before the completion of the mural

i got to know jacmila when she and a bunch of artists were assigned to paint the central escalator walkway. i walk past that stretch almost on a daily basis. day by day i saw the transformation of the entire walkway. witnessing its transforming was a beautiful experience and i was lucky enough to watch it unfold bit by bit.

being the busybody that i am, i cannot resist talking to people. it was also pure coincidence that jacmila sort of knows my husband and that was how i got to know jacmila.

my photo is not doing justice to her art

jacmila’s art is so beautiful. i grow up loving nature. my uncle took us for hiking trips, i love being in a rainforest which malaysia is well known for.  i love the rousing smell of the jungle especially during dawn and at dusk. jacmila’s art reminds me a lot of that.

i have a sneaky suspicion that the inspiration for jac's art is derived a lot from nature

i don’t think there is enough art in hong kong which is pretty peculiar because for a society to be this developed and not have a strong art community. it’s a shame. we need people like jac. we need to support people like them. it is not easy to be an artist in a city so driven by money.

sorry jac, i stole your picture from facebook

jac is having her second solo exhibition at the peak – it is at shop 13a, level 1 the peak galleria. it runs from today onwards the 1st of september till the 15th of september.

so cute and what a nice gift too

definitely jacmila's trademark

good luck jac. i so love your totes.

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September 1, 2010 at 3:19 am

i may not agree with you but i defend your right of speaking up

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here is what i think – about politicians.

1.) only losers and imbeciles who are power hungry but cannot compete in the real world end up as politicians.

2.)  strategists who think – i can do politics for a few years and then corporates will hire as me as a director to sit on their governing boards. just connect them to other politicians  and get paid big incredulous ” salaries”

3.) dreamers who actually think – i can make a difference to the world.

if anything, i think tanya chan may be the third type and she may be the only politician i like ( it’s too bad i can’t vote in hong kong)

there are days, i think oh my god, i can’t even change my friends’ ideologies in life, this person is trying to change hong kong. thinking of it is marathon on its own.

when i was introduced to her – i had the shock of my life. she is so small and she has this booming rock chick voice. the voice definitely did not go with the body.

i asked her many difficult questions and i was shocked with the way she handled it. i think she is someone who thinks a lot about her actions.

the qualities that i hate most about politicians are – charisma( a lot of us often buy into charismatic leaders, very dangerous trait) and those who lack of empathy.

tanya chan is  definitely not one of those silky smooth type of personalities. when you talk to her, you feel a certain sense of depth and reckless honesty. she acknowledges that there are many things that are not done well currently. i think we all know that.

the only difference between most people and her – she is doing something about it.

in life, i hardly agree with people on most things but i accept that people who are different from me introduce me to different perspectives. it’s like sometimes i think – wow how come i have never thought about it that helps me grow.

that is why we need people like tanya chan. we need to know options in order to know what to do next.

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August 5, 2010 at 5:06 am

bloody good coffee in hong kong

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oscar's coffee promotion - get yourself a free coffee valid till september

if you asked me last week, does hong kong need another coffee place – my answer is i don’t really care. but after stumbling upon oscar’s expresso bar, i can tell you THIS IS  where bloody good coffee is served.

while i was living in australia, one of the things i enjoyed most are the moms and pops’ coffee places. each is unique and each is outstanding in its own way. oscar’s expresso bar is a star in its own right. everything that is made here is made out of love. the latte i had was whipped to perfection.

my bloody good latte

seriously, i went to the gym right after  the latte and i was as high as a kite. the coffee is really potent. i got so excited as well because oscar’s serves anzac biscuits. i haven’t seen them in hong kong. oh i miss them so much. they are my favorite australian cookies.

in australia, we call biscuits, bickies. i want my anzac bickie now.

i had the chance to chit chat a little with my new friend the barista – nelson canon and he tells me that the owners, an australian couple who loves going around to source their own coffee as the owner’s brother is the world barista champion.

i have always been curious about how businesses in hk make money despite the high rents and apparently this couple has been bringing coffee for years to the local australian community in hong kong for years due to the lack of good coffee.

for me, i can’t tell you what good coffee really is but i can tell you what bad coffee taste like. pacific coffee has the worst coffee, the worst staff, the worst qc and their decor reminds me of my grandmother’s living room.

my new friend nelson canon.

i enjoyed my chat with nelson tremendously. he has been living in hk for 17 years and was originally from the philippines.

i asked him – what do you of the new leader – aquino jr?

i was expecting him to say – the country is shit, the country is corrupt.

he said – philippines has gotten better and it will continue to become better.

i said to him – i have wondered about your people. they always look so happy  to be here although they hold possibly the most unappreciated jobs in hk.

what he said to me, touched me deeply – ” we are blessed to be here because we are providing for our families. it is an honor to be able to do that and us filipinos are brought up with a lot of hope, not hope for the things we know but hope for the things we don’t see”.

i know many rich and powerful people. i don’t know that many happy people, you know.

every time i get disheartened, i hope to remind myself of nelson’s story.

visit oscar’s – they are at 85 wellington street, tucked quietly under the central escalator.

happy birthday dragonair!!!!!

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one of the things i loved to do was i was a kid was to watch planes fly

happy birthday dragonair. thank you for flying me to china all these years. for one, i won’t dare to fly airchina so…. thank you so much….

my favorite airline without a doubt is cathay pacific. for one i L-O-V-E the inflight entertainment system. that is aviation’s best privilege. i love it especially when i have to fly long haul. watch 3-4 movies in a row. if i need a snooze, i’ll pause it. the selection of old movies are so extensive. i actually enjoy flying just because of cathay pacific.

when is dragonair going to have that mr. tyler?

tallest and best looking ceo - mr. tony tyler

one of the reasons why i wanted to go for dragonair’s 25th anniversary was to meet tony tyler.

i went over to him to introduce myself. i told him i write a blog about hong kong.

he asked me “what are you going to say about me?”

” that you are the most good looking ceo i have ever met”.

he said, ” no you can’t say that, you should say i am the tallest ceo”.

but mr. tyler, anyone is tall next to me. i am small and i am trouble.

poor mr. tyler i am sure coming to asia has made his posture really bad. he often has to hunch over to talk to us.

william tang who designed the uniform...

i call william the michael kors of hong kong. he is always in black. i guess he won't be one of those who say - oh my god, i have nothing fabulous to wear!!!!

i said to my husband, ” they should put mr. tyler in a pilot’s uniform. he would look very good in one.

husband said, ” loh poh, tony tyler isn’t like allan zeman and besides john tsang was there. the man has serious business to do.

oh they said donald tsang was supposed to be there but he is in chengdu playing with pandas.

“mr tsang, you have loads of work to do, don’t go playing with pandas” ( well at least pandas and other animals are the only ones who can’t talk back at him these days)

they even concocted a special cocktail call golden dragon for the anniversary

anyways, happy birthday dragonair. i have been flying airasia because when you have your own business, you have to take care of your bottom line. i need to work a lot harder to earn back my right of flying only cathay or dragonair. soon, i hope!!!

my memoir with fashion maestros

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janice wong has been writing about one of my favorite topics – fashion since the 1980s. as the ex editor of elle hong kong, she has met a lot of my favorite fashion designers such as tom ford ( my ultimate god), manolo blahnik, julien macdonald, victor & rolf, karl lagerfeld… so on and so forth..

janice launched her book – my memoir with fashion meastros last night at sevva last night. i should be more excited about the book but i was more proud of the fact that my hubby helped her come up with the book title. how come my husband is so smart? haha…

anyways, it was really a night of fashion extravaganza.. almost everyone – the who’s who of the fashion business turned out in full force including joyce ma, the founder of joyce boutique.

janice spoke a lot about fashion pieces carrying the soul of the creator.. i am not so lucky like her i feel. my generation is the generation of disposable fashion. nothing lasts. i always thought women of the past were far more beautiful than the women now, i suppose it’s because they go to tailors and they are included in the process of making a garment for themselves.

which is exactly why i chose to wear my qipao. i told my friend the qipao maker, what i have in mind and he helped me execute it…

congratulations janice.. i love the cover of the book. i like the stitches.. i guess it means a lot.

dear juno

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dear juno ( 麥浚龍 )

like most hong kong people, i really hate your guts because you have rich daddy who would stop at nothing to fulfill your dreams of being a singer. when i first came to hong kong, i wondered why you were always on the cover of milk magazine ( which i foolishly thought, you must one of hk’s biggest stars) to then realize that the magazine belongs to your brother engineered specifically as your propaganda vehicle.

when your recording deal with sour with the emperor group, your brother was crazy enough to create a label called silly thing so that you will continue to have a recording deal.

and i really really hated you because you are so rich you can work with whoever you want. your albums are not created for selling because i am certain that the money spent on producing them are far more than you could earn back in sales volume.

you make people who sing better than you look bad!

however after listening to your new album, nothing lasts forever – i want to apologize to you. i am sorry. i love your new album!!!! i am juno fan now and i don’t care if people laugh at me.

after years of being laughed at, being dissed – you stuck to your guns. you kept doing what you love doing and ignored what we thought of you. i am sure it was a hard journey. i think your new album is made with a lot of heart and needless to say – cold hard cash.

i don’t think your daddy needs to pay anyone to scream for you anymore. i’d scream for you any day now..

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June 30, 2010 at 5:05 pm

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