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a close encounter with warhola

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who was the most glamorous pop artist of the 20th century?

andy warhol,definitely. without a question.

i don’t know what andy warhol means to most people but to me, he was possibly the father of pop-art.  whenever i think of pop art, i think of the glamorization of the campbell soup ads,neon colored marilyn monroe posters and bright florescent colored prints of famous people.

he was an icon of glamour, fame and his talent was nothing short of  a subject of fascination. above everything else, andy warhol’s life was the epitome of hedonism marked by milestone parties and famous people.

while so much of his life had been documented and work exhibited via countless channels( i mean seriously the man has a museum for his work), i feel so blessed to be able to see another side of andy through his nephew james warhola.

we were invited to the elements mall last week to see andy’s work on display at the mall. while some of it are very familiar to us; james warhola was generous enough to put his uncle’s unpublished work on display for all to see.

before making his name as the world’s most famous pop artist, andy warhol was a painter and an animator who had been drawing his entire life. james warhola brought his uncle’s work done using ball point pen which was believed to have been one of his favorite medium of choice. whenever he made a mistake, he would find a way to incorporate that into his drawing.

here are some facts that i have just learnt about andy warhol

– he liked drawing feet of famous people

– at one point he had 25 siamese cats at home which looked identical and his mother would use funny names to describe them

besides andy warhol’s work, james’s art is also on display. very much like his uncle, james loves to draw and he himself is quite a famous animator. his work is endearing and a lot of it was centered on how andy warhol was like when he was at home.

the exhibition a close encounter with warhola is now on at the elements mall.


let the wind carry me

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first of all, i have never paid to watch a documentary and secondly while i have watched many making of(s), i have never watched a behind the scene from behind the scene.

one minute in film time is the result of many minutes of hard work and preparation.

let the wind carry me is a documentary about the acclaimed cinematographer- mark lee.

it is not a documentary celebrating his work, blowing the trumpet of his talent.

it is a documentary about a man’s life-long affair with the cinema. it is a documentary about his loss, his failure to be more involved with his family, his home and his realization that time is a gentle but swift robber.

he said ” i have found love via the cinema and it takes me away from being with my family. maybe i could find another job so that that i can be with them but my life would be unfulfilled”

the honesty of his statement made me froze. you cannot have everything. when you decide to go one direction, you have let go of the other.

while he was filming in xinjiang, he saw 20 missed calls on his phone.the first thing that crossed his mind was – am i too late? something must have happened at home. something bad. he was thrown into a state of panic. the missed calls were all in codes. the caller called back informing him he was bestowed the national literary award. relief was the first wave of emotion he felt. it wasn’t happiness, it wasn’t pride.

let the wind carry me in its entirety is about movement, about journeys.. that is mark lee’s life. capturing and framing moments to help a film tell a story. mark lee may be the man behind some of the best images captured in asian cinema, forever framing our mental image of what we think of chinese cinema.

above all and everything let the wind carry me is a documentary about a man’s love affair with the cinema.

this is indeed a good dedication for all of the world’s film makers

let the wind carry me is now showing in selected cinemas.




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May 29, 2011 at 4:25 am

pirates of the caribbean 4

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we watched the new pirates of the caribbean movie last was probably an unlikely choice because we went to the cinema with something else in mind but since it wasn’t showing and we didn’t want to leave empty handed – we reluctantly bought tickets for it and prayed that it won’t be that bad. over dinner – i asked my friends gale and matt, do you remember what happened at the last movie and none of us did. gale had watched the movie in the afternoon reassured me of its entertainment value. she was right. i had truly enjoyed the movie.

first of all, it was like starting the franchise on a new note. they phased out keira knightley’s character and it was a fantastic decision because she is such an awful actress. other than being able to pout her lips rather well, i always thought the only people who like kiera are guys. orlando bloom is gone as well – another good decision because his character is so boring next to jack sparrow.

geoffrey rush came back albeit a missing leg and in came the lovely penelope cruz – spain’s very best export to the world with the enigmatic captain blackbeard played by ian mcshane. ian definitely rivalled johnny as my most preferred aye captain to sail with.

i always love a good pirate story. my favorite new addition to the movie  was definitely the mermaids.. you have to watch it to know what i mean.

speaking which, i wonder if they are going to continue with more pirate movies.. i think it’s now a good note to stop. like all good things, hollywood tend to squeeze every good thing dry repulsing us to the point of no return.

i have always loved johnny depp since his gawky days of 21 jump street but i love the man even more now.. he is the finest actor of our time and i love his style so much. he does really remind me a pirate.

hats & double breasted suits

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i am suffering from serious broadwalk empire withdrawal and i absolutely can’t wait for season 2 to start. i haven’t liked any television series as much as this since perhaps sex n the city and everybody loves raymond. broadwalk empire has successfully combined some of my favorite things in life – history, stories of the mob, beautiful fashion of the roaring 20s,complex personalities and martin scorsese.

i love the layers of personality of each character and to a certain extend – that is exactly how i view people for i am one who never views anyone as a good or bad person. i think we are both good and bad and sometimes depending on the situation, we can be more good than bad and other times we can be more bad than good. i never believe in holding out statements like – this person is a good person. rather i’d prefer to say – give that person money, fame and power and we will see.

when margaret schroeder said to nucky thompson – the lead character in broadwalk empire – ” i can see that you are a good man but how can you do such bad things?”

nucky said ” one must decide how much sin one can live with”. that is exactly what life is about.  we simply cannot box life into the good people lot and the bad people lot. circumstances often kick in and we have to do what we must..

as i grow older, i tend to stay further and further from people who like to talk about changes because for me, the way i live, i do things first. it’s often easier to talk and talk and talk. look at some of the today’s world issues – debt problem- talk, stick on a band aid, wound festers, we are still talking.

i think about each person in broadwalk empire. i think a lot about jimmy who was going to princeton before he signed up for the great war. i think about boys then who weren’t enough old enough to be called men carrying guns fighting for a cause that they don’t understand of except that they have been sold the line ” you need to serve your country”. i wonder if they ask themselves- how about my parents, they use up so much resources to raise and here i am daring death to take me.. i wonder if president bush would send his twins to the front line in iraq?

i love the 1920s. i love beautiful intricate clothes women wear and if you were a rich person then -life was described by many then as the time of hedonism. with the invention of cameras, movies, jazz music… that was truly one of the delta points of industrialization..

i love the series so much that i got these – my gangster broques..

by the way, i like the symbol of shiny shoes. people who do bad things often pay extra attention to the cleanliness of their shoes.. maybe that’s why bankers spend so much on john lobbs.

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April 23, 2011 at 9:04 am


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what if before you do something, you could see 50 different outcomes and scenarios as the result to your decision?

do you think intelligent people constantly suffer from the notion of over thinking a situation preventing them from actually living their lives?

i think so.

i am dying to watch this movie limitless and the fact that bradley cooper is in this movie is like rainbow sprinklers on my ice-cream!! don’t you think bradley looks like a young version of ralph fiennes( who was so damn hot in the english patient)

limitless talks about bradley cooper’s character taking this drug that unleashes the mind’s fullest potential. i often think about einstein and what he said about us using only about 10% of the mind’s actual capacity and that to me is an awful waste of brain power.

but what happens when you are too smart?

i know of intelligent people and what has continue to fascinate me about them is the layering process to their thoughts. it’s like as though they look at something and they see many layers into a situation – sometimes i do think it’s tiring and confusing.

like for example – i have this friend and she said to me – i hope that when i meet a good guy, i have the wisdom to recognize this. but life is life – you cannot live it out of mind. no one knows the outcome to anything so therefore it’s better if you actually live it out..

the mind as i realized is sometimes your biggest foe. every time, you think – this is my threshold, you would be surprise where your threshold really lie. there is no threshold.

anyways, i am dying to watch limitless. can’t wait for it be released here!!!


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April 5, 2011 at 3:11 am

if you could sing like faye

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i fell in love with faye wong for the first time in wong kar wai’s chungking express. from a woman’s perspective to another – i have never been so enamored and captivated by a chick. she was a cool girl, the type of girl i have always wanted to be. it may be an exaggeration but i definitely think she was one of the best exports hong kong cantopop had to offer.

people were shocked when i tell them – it was one of the best concerts i have been to in recent years. first of all, the production value was very evident and the special effects were out of this world – wong kar wai himself had conceptualized the theme of the concert.

she said only three sentences throughout the concert

” how are you all?”

” thank you” and ” thank you again”

but she didn’t need to say more. this is faye wong we are talking about.

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April 4, 2011 at 5:10 pm

the last of the jacksons

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you never listen to music like how you used to listen to music when you were a kid. fascination, adulation, obsession are some of the spectrum of emotions i feel whenever i try and think about some of my childhood music idols – madonna, michael jackson, kylie minogue, janet jackson and mariah carey.

when michael jackson passed away, i was devastated. it was like a confirmation that my childhood had ended and i had to say goodbye to a good chapter of my life. michael was the reason. his songs offered me so much more than entertainment. he had sparked my imagination. he made me want to dance like him. he made me want to attempt crazy gravity defying moves. when i was a child, i did not understand racial implications. michael jackson to me was just one of the most special people in the world.

when we found out hong kong was one of the selected cities for janet jackson’s number 1s world tour – there was no way i was going to miss that. it is rather possible that i will not see another jackson perform. even if someday – paris, blanket or prince michael become stars in their own right, i would have been too old to enjoy it. so ” this is it” it really was.

i didn’t dare have too much expectation of janet because she is already 45 years old and throughout the years – her weight had roller -coasted and personal issues i am sure had worn her down.

the concert had some “moments” especially when she performed her earlier hits like miss you much, rhythm nation, if, someone to call my lover, together again. that relived so many good memories i had of her songs. i didn’t think it was possible but i remembered most of the lyrics to her songs – i suppose it was always in my subconscious waiting for a trigger to come along.

perhaps this was no fault of janet’s but i was pretty disappointed with the way the organizer handled her costume breaks. at one point, they had like close to a 10 minute montage of the films she had done. it was so unnecessary and disjointed. the flow of the concert was overall bad.

and this is the issue with international artists that come to asia. i am not sure if it is because we have such substandard concert venues but it doesn’t look as though they try hard enough. again, i suppose right now everybody looks at asia as the money tree but think we that we are still relatively unsophisticated and passive. it’s very frustrating because ticket prices are very expensive in asia. whatever we seem to paying for isn’t reflected in whatever we get.

after all said and done, i am glad to have seen one of my favorite artists alive!! well i hope lady gaga would come soon. can’t think of many great entertainers currently and gaga’s one of the rare ones.

thank you agi for letting me use your photos!!

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February 20, 2011 at 11:04 am

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