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red bar

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i love nothing more than having a few drinks on a mid summer’s friday after work. i thought i knew central intimately but yesterday while we were at red in ifc, i was surprised to see a pooch hanging out at the podium of level 4.

oh i’d loved the idea of bringing sophie for after work drinks. the problem would be.. where to store her while i go off to work in the morning.

i love the ifc mall. i love the podium.. i love watching the sun set on the deck. i love the view of the city.. it’s one of the best things about living in hong kong.


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July 9, 2011 at 3:24 pm

she is an old fashioned kinda dog

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cheung sha beach in lantau island is one of my favorite beaches in hong kong.. i went there for the first time two years ago on sophie’s fifth birthday. despite there signs saying that dogs are not allowed , the 2 km stretch of sandy white beach is isolated enough for people to ignore them and leave them be.

i suppose maybe as well, lantau islanders are a lot less anal when it comes having dogs on the beach compared to the other beaches around

i love taking sophie out to the beach. i love letting her be just a dog. i want sophie to be an old-fashioned dog because i am an old-fashioned girl. i think that in a way, people today are so rich that they are spending money on unnecessary on their pets such as shoes for dogs or prams. i know many people love their pets but i think we have confused what animals need. they don’t need boots or prams. they want a good run and they want to dig holes and bury themselves in mud.

i love being to give sophie quality time and good exercise. i am thankful that throughout these couple of years, sophie has always been by my side whether i am doing yoga, or a hike or a swim at the beach or a run. sooner or later, sophie will get tired faster than me, i am outrunning her now..

it always breaks my heart when i think about how short their lives are.. but hopefully, sophie by then would have been a dog that had been almost everywhere in hong kong.

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July 5, 2011 at 4:01 pm

the lv trunk goes traveling

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i feel like i am one of spoiled city people who need a holiday every few months . well, i guess i am. i have worked really hard in the last couple of months and have been figuring out our holiday plans in the next couple of months. we would love to go to africa early next year to visit grandma ( my good friend’s mum who lives in zimbabwe) grandma runs a chook farm and she said if we helped out, she’d give us free accommodation.

going to africa is definitely a childhood dream. i think by hook or by crook, we need to go for a safari because at the rate population is growing; the lions would soon be a distant memory. we’d probably see them fossilized.

with my office being opposite the landmark building, i was swept away with the luxury holiday proposition instigated by louis vuitton. i am absolutely in love with this season’s window display. very very suggestive indeed.

on top of the window displays, i love the out of africa print ads that lv had done especially the one with bono. it’s unpretentious and infused with that indiana jones sense of world travel.

lv trunks are truly beautiful but i don’t know – just think they rather clunky and more like a symbol of traveling in the past..




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July 3, 2011 at 3:37 pm

a close encounter with warhola

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who was the most glamorous pop artist of the 20th century?

andy warhol,definitely. without a question.

i don’t know what andy warhol means to most people but to me, he was possibly the father of pop-art.  whenever i think of pop art, i think of the glamorization of the campbell soup ads,neon colored marilyn monroe posters and bright florescent colored prints of famous people.

he was an icon of glamour, fame and his talent was nothing short of  a subject of fascination. above everything else, andy warhol’s life was the epitome of hedonism marked by milestone parties and famous people.

while so much of his life had been documented and work exhibited via countless channels( i mean seriously the man has a museum for his work), i feel so blessed to be able to see another side of andy through his nephew james warhola.

we were invited to the elements mall last week to see andy’s work on display at the mall. while some of it are very familiar to us; james warhola was generous enough to put his uncle’s unpublished work on display for all to see.

before making his name as the world’s most famous pop artist, andy warhol was a painter and an animator who had been drawing his entire life. james warhola brought his uncle’s work done using ball point pen which was believed to have been one of his favorite medium of choice. whenever he made a mistake, he would find a way to incorporate that into his drawing.

here are some facts that i have just learnt about andy warhol

– he liked drawing feet of famous people

– at one point he had 25 siamese cats at home which looked identical and his mother would use funny names to describe them

besides andy warhol’s work, james’s art is also on display. very much like his uncle, james loves to draw and he himself is quite a famous animator. his work is endearing and a lot of it was centered on how andy warhol was like when he was at home.

the exhibition a close encounter with warhola is now on at the elements mall.

scents and sensibility

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when i was very young, my father took me to buy a gift for my mother. i picked for her a bottle of perfume. it came in the prettiest shape and i thought i could keep the bottle once she is done with it. it was nina ricci’s l’air du temps. it smelt old and awful and over the top  and that was my memory of perfumes in the 80s.

whenever grandma, mum had finished with a bottle of perfume. i would ask them to give me the bottle. it is the smallest, cheapest and simplest way of being happy.

i was happy to stumble upon the exhibition perfume tales and legends at pacific place yesterday. 120 bottles of perfume with the majority contributed by guerlain – the exhibition weaves a tale steeped in history, luxury and allure.

the exhibition is now on at pacific place till the 16th of june.


up in the clouds in 60 seconds

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my favorite place in hong kong to see the panoramic view is up on the peak. there is something so nostalgic, old britain, historical about taking that slow tram up victoria peak. i love the feeling of watching the view out on the open deck enjoying the sea breeze and looking at mansions that never could i in this lifetime afford…

the latest spot to view hong kong’s breath taking view had just opened – sky 100. we didn’t go up on a good day. visibility was pretty poor and i was very disappointed. thankfully, we had a great meal at the emperor seal restaurant up on the 101 floor. that was definitely the highlight of my visit and it was the highest place i have ever dined at. i love the roasted pork – it was so juicy!

for people visiting hong kong, sky 100 is definitely one of the must dos and for those who live here, dining up in the clouds can be quite an unique experience especially when you need to impress a special someone or a special client!!!

view, seriously what view??? it looks like though i have cataract

a definite must -try and do remember to book early

sooooooooo damn good!!!!!!!
i’d definitely like to go back on a good day. i reckon at such a high altitude, the view must be sh** hot!!

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May 31, 2011 at 4:08 pm

art hk

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after the financial tsunami in 2008, investors have identified that art, jewelry and wine may have more enduring values than a lot of asset classes and that is why – people like us who live in hong kong must always take advantage of the annual art hk. funnily enough, the first time i went for art hk three years ago, it was sponsored by lehman brothers and since then another tier 1 german bank had taken over the title of lead sponsorship. well, hopefully similar fate won’t befall them as well. but then again, nothing is built to last.

hong kong don’t do a lot of things well these days. the film industry is limping along.. the entertainment business is now dominated by lack lustre stars who are usually offsprings of rich folks. finding a true star is like trying to find a speck of gold in a sack of sand and that is why if you are not in either financial, consultancy, accountancy, real estate or the legal industry – it is very hard to make a good living in this town.

but art hk is a very well done affair. it has always been very well done and the scale is growing by the year. everybody knows that asia is the pot of gold and that is why art galleries the world over come to hawk their best pieces. also there is that obsession of trying to find that next big thing.. and many believe the next big thing will come from asia.

i can’t afford any of these pieces nor have the eye to detect who is the next big thing. neither am i influential enough to proclaim, there you go – this is hot shit. i don’t care about any of it. to me, i love art. it is one of those reasons that make living worth living..

i respect a lot of artists because they only usually become big after they die. to produce something beautiful, they may have to endure a lifetime of pain,aloofness and suffering..tough.

art holds a very special meaning to me because of its texture, it holds a point of view and when things become too difficult to articulate via words, you need to find a way to convey and represent it. there is no right or wrong in art. today when so many people have an issue about everything and use words that you speak against you; art is potentially still an expression held in its most untainted form.

the next art hk will be in february 2012.. can’t wait.. it was an entire day well-spent.. tiring walking aisle to aisle but looking at all these beautiful things really makes me 🙂

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May 30, 2011 at 3:57 pm

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