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doing it the doggy style

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i invited all my friends to the safe sex for pets 2 party at m1nt yesterday on facebook. i should not have said fund raising to help finance a pet neutering campaign. instead i should have stuck to the basic selling tenet – sex .

if you ever get to go to the party again next year which i hope you do – the safe sex for pets party is wild and crazy. who cares if you are paying HK$ 350 for the entrance fee. you get a free flow of alcohol, a really good goody bag and a quirky goodbye gift that says  – i like doing it the doggy style. my pet is dexed!!!

oh best of all, someone must have known about my enthusiasm for men in uniform( mucho caliente!!!) the organizers had tyson entertainment provide the strip tease act.oh my god, seriously if you want a male stripper, please go to tyson– the men are good quality

anyways, some facts about hong kong and animals. the city puts down ( boo hoo!!!!!) 2,000 animals a month because they are homeless. the party is organized by stop( save hk’s cats and dogs) they are always looking for volunteers.

the pet industry really shits me. please don’t buy pets, please do a pet personality test to determine if the breed suits your lifestyle and finally, what i find is the most common misconception about  pet adoption – a lot of people feel that abandoned dogs have massive personality defects!! that is totally f***ked up. just spend a day with my sophie. we adopted her four years ago and she is my best friend!

by the way, hk dog rescue is moving to tai po because they lost their space in pok fu lam. there are dogs that need a home right now. my poor friend sally andersen. on this coming 8 of may, they are putting on a 12 hour straight stand up comedy – comedython

have a good laugh and support my furry friends!!!!!!

i didn't the grand prize!!! boo boo!

one of the last sober pictures i took - corinne you look smashing!! i want that corset!!

this is one scary apparatus. i still have not figured out the thing in the middle. i need instruction manual. we got this free!

lucky dog!!

they were selling this spanking thing for HK$ 550. come on, if i had bought it, my husband would spank me on the head!!

pilot, when do we take off?


awwwww. i hope you find a good home and someone who loves you. sophie is very jealous.she wants to be the only child!

sophie, you are my best friend.


just a random thought

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my best friend and i

in the new york times- the sandra bullock trade

” marital happiness is far more important than anything in determining  personal well being. if you have a successful marriage, it doesn’t matter how may professional setbacks you endure, you will be reasonably happy. if you have an unsuccessful marriage, it doesn’t matter how many career triumphs you record, you will still be significantly unfulfilled”.

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April 3, 2010 at 3:40 pm

how i met jim rogers

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a couple of weeks ago i read this book  by jim rogers – a gift to my children: – a father’s lessons for life and investing. the book had such a profound effect on me that i read it twice. after a day i still had many of jim’s words stuck in my head. i said to my husband, i am going to write jim an e-mail.

for those of you who do not know jim rogers  – he is an investing legend. unlike warren buffett, jim had retired at the age of 37, went around the world a few times – first time on a motorbike and second time in a specially modified Mercedes with his wife paige. he is the bona fide indiana jones. the thing i like most about jim’s investing style is the fact that before he invests in something – he goes and sees it ( doesn’t get more real than that)

i stayed up many hours that night drafting that e-mail. i wrote it again and again and went to bed. the next morning, i called a friend of mine who is the head of m&a in a very big financial institution and i asked him” do you think jim rogers will reply  me?”. he said – you have job offers waiting for you, stop chasing after  a pipe dream”.

i said – i thanked him, i said f**k you and hung up.

before i sent out the e-mail to him, i typed in the last line – i hope my mail finds a way to reach you.

honestly, i was so scared of hoping because like many people, our hopes have been dashed before. somehow at the back of our heads, we don’t really believe in luck, in life anymore. maybe the older you get, the more jaded you’d become.

on the same day, at approximately 5 in the evening, a popped up – it says James Rogers. i held my breath because i thought it a pr representative mailing me back- thanking me for buying his book.

it says thank you for your terrific e-mail. i will be in hk between ( dates) at this (hotel), we could meet for a minute if you like.

at that minute, i started to cry. i guess sometimes, dreams do come true.

a few days prior to his arrival, he asked me to meet him at the airport so that we could ride to town together because he had a busy schedule. you know what, he is a funny man. he told me to hold up his name and his book. i really don’t see the point because i know how he looked like and i was worried about attracting far too much attention.

anyways, a car ride with jim rogers is one you wished it will never end. you will learn so much from just one car ride. i asked him his permission to write to him once a week with questions i have ( i hope i don’t kill him because i have so many)

i sincerely hope that happy and baby bee his two girls will learn from him because his mind and his zest for life are just  the richest things about him.

thank you jim !!!

to all my friends and people who may read this – sometimes in life, there are so many people who try and dissuade you and tell you that life don’t work that way – you know what, life has no formula. you make your own formula. use your heart to guide you – it never lies and dream big  because you know you deserve better. i know i do.

too old to be a groupie - i mean me not jim

it says - nat, life is short, ride hard and far...make it happen jim rogers. so jim from an investor p.o.v. - is this going to go up in value someday?

and i told him to dedicate this to jake my godson - its says jake listen to your parents and your godmother

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March 30, 2010 at 3:58 pm

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