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counting my blessing

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bad things happen to remind us the fragility of all the goods things that are happening around us.

it may be hard to see through the dead of a loved one but it serves to remind us to cherish the living.

whenever i am unsatisfied with what i have ( which happens a lot) i think about people who are born in the wrong countries ie. north korea, pakistan, burma or palestine. being born in a shitty place automatically means you have less opportunities to raise above the odds and succeeding

i think about people i thought were going to do well in life who did not make it just because of one life changing incident that happened.

i think a lot about how i am going to exchange my youth and time in this life time with meaningful deeds, accomplishments that i am happy to speak about and all the good people that will come my way who will add value to my life.

i think a lot about filtering out the bad ones and cutting the ties should they continue to shed negativity on my life.

i think a lot about counting my blessings and to do what i can do change the little bits that i don’t like about myself.

this is because i believe when i change something small for something good, the right things will always come along.


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September 18, 2011 at 8:04 am

wake me up when september ends

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lately i have a few lady friends confessing to me that they did not marry the man of their dreams. they said they should have married this boyfriend or that boyfriend and that they should not have married their husbands.

to be honest, i  find this statement dribbled with utter stupidity because  i know for a fact that it is so much easier to maintain a relationship with a boyfriend rather than a husband. once you marry someone, you are compounded with so many issues you never have to deal with when you are dating them. his family becomes your family and you now have to play out the expectation they have of you. then you have kids – what you were earning before is not going to be enough unless you triple it by the time they go to school. life makes its demands of you at every stage of a marriage.

during my father’s funeral, i was reunited with my aunty whom i haven’t seen in 20 years. i asked her how her husband was and this is her story..

she hates her husband. when he was young, he sat around a lot to talk about politics while she worked like crazy. now that they are old, he had a stroke and is left paralyzed – she has to take care of him.

she said jokingly – if only euthanasia was legal.

in the context of humanity – it is a very cruel thing to have said that but if i were her i think i would feel the same. i would feel angry, cheated and deep down i think we know what kind of life we deserve to have.. that’s why i feel very sad for people who are married to people who not only didn’t improve their lives but are total liabilities.

at the end of the day, in any relationship, it is up to us to want to be the best version of ourselves so that this journey of life doesn’t become a dread and a total waste of life.

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September 17, 2011 at 9:31 am

overheard 2

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watched overheard 2 last night. it wasn’t my movie of choice because although i enjoyed the first movie, i couldn’t understand why they named this one after the first one when all the cast in the first had died. i was told that the second movie is an entirely new plot, new story and the characters have been reshuffled around but still i was skeptical.

man, i was so wrong!!

overheard 2 is one of the best hong kong movies i have watched in recent years. way better than the first one. i like it for all the right reasons. all the villians were the big-time bad boys in hong kong cinema which i haven’t seen in so long and i actually thought by now some of them would be dead by now. the story line is really tight and right from the start, i couldn’t wait to get more out of the movie. i was like – oh my god, what is next? why is he doing that?

you know when they say we get better with age – we really do. a few years ago, i remember thinking louis koo is such a crap actor but his performance in overheard 2 is absolutely mind blowing. but i love daniel wu’s character the most and daniel has never looked better in recent years. he is still one of the hottest chinese actors in hong kong cinema and he has gotten better and better with each movie.

if you think hong kong movies aren’t worth going back to the cinemas for, overheard 2 will change your mind all over again about hong kong. definitely a great mid-autumn festival treat with so much eye candy and heart pumping action.

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September 13, 2011 at 3:23 pm

a village of 400 families

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we went to a very strange place while we were at xiamen. located three hours by car from xiamen city, we booked a day trip to this hakka village that lies in the fujian province. known as tulou, this hakka village is like a version of a village laid out in the form of the colosseum in rome. the only difference is that people actually live in them. we went to the biggest tulou in the village.

the 700 year old structure is a three storey circular complex that houses more than 400 rooms where families live together. as the hakka people are considered a minority ethnic group, i suppose like all minorities everywhere, they like to huddle together in unity.

as the village is situated on the highlands, i think that the main economy comes from growing tea leaves because at the ground level of the complex, you are invited to sample various types of tea. i initially thought that going to a place like that, the locals will definitely try to hard sell their wares to us because they are pretty chilled. so the atmosphere is quite nice.

seeing families live together in such close proximity makes me think of how alienated we are nowadays. it wasn’t too long ago when we had more of a communal sense, i suppose. if only we have more of that now, maybe people would be happier. it seems to me, people now are often eager to have a family but they don’t think about ways of raising the family. some leave it to domestic helpers, others have nannies – paid help, everything can now be exchanged with money. this has become a value that we instill in our children.

sad isn’t it..

back then, it takes a village to raise a child..

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September 13, 2011 at 8:10 am

xiamen, gulangyu

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i love going to new places and seeing the world. there is nothing quite like seeing the concept of the everyday from another person’s perspective of how everyday is like

whenever there is a holiday in hong kong, people just love to travel. maybe because hong kong is quite centralized most other asian cities just a couple of hours away, that kinda leads to the convenient of traveling.

after working hardcore hours – 12 hours a day for the last 6 months, i threw in the towel for a few days of relaxation. if there was one thing that i would like to do this year – it’s really to see more of china. there is so much to see in china. so much history so many different places and faces.

we headed out to xiamen for a few days of ” doing nothing…

upon arrival, we stayed a day on a little island next to xiamen city. gulangyu reminds me a lot of lamma island. i was really surprised with the large number of colonial -style mansions scattered all over the island. probing the local residents had later revealed that the mansions were built by rich overseas chinese from nanyang ( singapore and malaysia) after they made their fortunes abroad. apparently as well, the xiamen university was funded by a rich overseas chinese who went to singapore. interesting.

anyways, gulangyu must have been one of the most artistic little island enclave i have seen. called the paradise garden of china, one is able to see how art is part of everyday living. the gardens are beautifully landscaped and every bit of space they have, they use it to plant things. at the b&b where we stayed, there was a garden at the back where it is used as an open air art studio and students go there with easels and paint brushes, drawing whatever inspires them.

i really like the old colonial mansions and the coffee places. don’t bother trying the cakes because they are still not up to par but every single coffee place try their hardest to carve out a unique identity of their own.

sending postcards and writing to one another seems also be a unique fabric in the culture of gulangyu. we saw many people regardless of age buying loads of postcards and sending them out. i didn’t hesitate sending my family one too.

i think you will like xulangyu. compared to a lot of places in china, xiamen is spotlessly clean. i hardly see blue skies in china but for four days, i saw nothing but blue skies with an occasional passing of the summer’s shower.

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September 10, 2011 at 9:04 am

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