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steve and devan

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two news generated the most discussions this week ( more so than most)

first of all, can anyone tell the truth anymore? it seems like no one dares to stand by the truth anymore. on the first week of august, i really must applaud s&p for downgrading the us’s credit rating. yes, it means that financial markets will enter a state of chaos but seriously looking at the way the us is spending money, using debt to fuel more spendings – it’s just like digging deeper fiscal hole.

if we looked at the us as a person with hefty credit bills to pay, will you give him or her money to spend or an extra card? what the chances of them repaying that? pretty bleak.. i would say.

a few days ago, i was utterly shocked to see the news of devan sharma leaving s&p as its ceo. doesn’t take a genius to figure the behind the scenes drama, i suppose. this is what you get when you don’t cooperate with “the great forces in the world”.

the best way in the world to get by these days is to suck up and never talk about the truth. the truth is too controversial. kinda reminds of a corrupted police force. can you be the only clean cop around? it’s harder than you think.. but s&p, you did the right thing. there is no way the us could repay its debts without biting the bullet and right now the us like a 500 pound obese man who doesn’t think he has a weight problem.

steve jobs.. when i went to work on thursday i just said to my boss – i guess ” it won’t be too long now”. a man like him, it would be hard to let go unless he had no choice.

the fact instead of being really negative about it. i’d like to think of steve jobs one of those few people who have/ had a super life. the older we get, the realization of our mortality is never too far. if time and achievements are good factors to chart out someone’s life – steve jobs did good. someday when i die, i hope that i have achievements to look back on. we will grow old, our bodies will fail us, we will die but i hope my journey would have a good one. i love my life right now, to be honest i am i am trying to be the best version of my life, of my what i could be.. it will be different for everyone.

but steve, you did good!! well done




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August 27, 2011 at 10:16 am

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