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my own food revolution

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all my creations --- some good some bad but most of all i learn something new every time

at the start of 2011, i made a resolution to eat better. i don’t mean dining out at the endless michelin star studded restaurants in hong kong. what i wanted was to start a life long reverence towards what i put inside my mouth and a process of getting to know my food better

i am lucky because i have been predisposed to food in many ways. looking back, my grandma who used to make me do menial tasks around the house had rewarded me with the primary knowledge of working with food.whether it’s mincing pork using a butcher’s knife or peeling garlic – i subconsciously remember most of it at the back of my head.

many years would follow before i discover i had an innate talent for cooking. maybe not entirely but i am one of those egomaniacs who enjoy the thrills of successes.

also, there are many reasons to why i started cooking obsessively.

1. i no longer trust what i eat because outside food taste so bad and with inflation robbing us blind and cost of living especially rent increasing a few folds, one must always question what kind of food  business owners are using to feed us.

2. i am more traditional than i look because i enjoy eating together. families to eat together tend to stick together- more rewarding after you know for a fact that you have worked hard for your food.

3. as look back, the things that make me the most happy is not money -it’s achievement, it’s the sense that i am able to strip down a problem and finding a solution to is fun because there are so many ways you could make it your own and besides i figured, what is the worst thing that could come out of it – you ruin it and if you are lucky like me – if you have a  dog like sophie, she doesn’t need any coaxing to help you get rid of food experiments gone wrong. bless her

4. i observe what people eat a lot and i don’t like the fact that we have been so removed from the process of preparing the most basic elements of food. we eat but other than filling hunger pangs, i am not sure if we are giving ourselves the right types of fuel. many years ago when i went to the us and when i went food shopping for the first time, i noticed a disturbing trend.. i saw that people were buying 1.99 bags of giant nuggets or sausages or eating frozen tri-color vegetables and treating that as a holistic meal. they were not students; they were mothers and parents buying food for their kids…

if someday, if i did become a mother and not allow my kids to eat mcdonalds, do you think the world would chastise me and call me a control freak?

our friend's 10 month old baby - eating boiled broccoli whole - sophie eyeing his food

because i had started to cook, i now cook for sophie as well. after a freak discovery i made a couple of months back when  i accidentally left her food container opened for a few days – there was no sign of her food turning mouldy;  it was then that it dawned onto me -my dog is a modern dog who eats processed food. i said – f**k i am killing my dog.

she now eats brown rice, lean meat, vegetables and fruits. as for her snack – we feed her carrot and celery sticks and believe me when i say this – she has never looked better. her eyes are clearer, she has lost a bit of weight and because of the carrot and celery sticks, her breath is much better

i watched jamie oliver when he presented his food revolution on ted a few nights ago. i became so depressed after watching it because i saw how sad the world had become that our kids do not know how a carrot looked like if not diced in squares. when an obese mother was told that she was killing her kids with burgers and pizzas and tacos; i became so angry – not at her but at the what society taught us as food.

we are so blessed, so well informed, so educated but why is it that we have gone back to zero when it comes to life skills. we don’t teach our children the fundamentals anymore. we teach them theories in life, all the wonderful things but we don’t even teach them how to cook for themselves and chicken actually don’t just come frozen. we need our children to be involved once again. we need to help them get involved. i believe that there are many jamie olivers and people like myself out there and we will change the world bit by bit by starting with ourselves and people closest to us. i am taking on the food revolution today.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

July 31, 2011 at 3:46 pm

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  1. You know, I miss all the food that my parents created when I was a “girl” (before married).
    Now, I cook for my hubby and I feel great when I cook something similar to my parents’ and see the smile on my hubby’s face.
    There’s something wrong with his health, and since I knew that I have told myself that “to make him live to 99” is my life-long goal. Chinese people believe in “food-cure”, and hopefully I could make it.
    I guess your husband a lucky guy too ^_^


    August 1, 2011 at 5:58 am

  2. My friend’s kid was asked a draw a chicken in school… and she drew a piece of chicken thigh. It was so hilarious and sad at the same time. You are so right about food – G says life is too short to be eating rubbish. For the past couple of years I have made it a point to eat at home as much as possible, not because it’s cheaper, but because it is healthier too. Good on you, Nat, let’s see some food posts!


    August 1, 2011 at 9:13 am

  3. Joanna – I am both a good wife and an impossible one. I am impossible to please. my husband just said that.. hahaha

    Chris so sad la … our little nephews when they were young was shocked to see prawns with heads attached to them… they didn’t know how to eat it.. poor boys!


    August 1, 2011 at 2:43 pm

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