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seven days in heaven

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when i got married, my mother discreetly asked me if she needed to buy a new teapot set. i instinctively knew what she was talking about. she was hoping that i had included a tea-serving ceremony as part of my wedding ceremony.

i said, no…

looking back maybe i  should have been less of a selfish b***** and said yes because it must have meant a for the old people but i have always been that sort of girl whereby, i need to question everything especially matters that has a lot to do with traditions.

i hate rituals and traditions… i really do and if i could help it, i’ll never want to do any of it.

a few weeks ago, i watched a taiwanese movie entitled seven days in heaven.

it talks about the death of a father in a small town in taiwan and how his two children; a son and daughter had to carry out an elaborated 7-day funeral ritual to send him off.

when it comes to final rites, taiwan is well-known for its drama. apparently you can even hire professionals to cry at your wedding and the louder people at your wedding, the more meaningful it becomes.

seven days in heaven is one hell of a movie. i must say that in the last few years, i have developed quite a taste for taiwanese movies ( not the dramas though) because it usually bear a strong sense of taiwanese culture. taiwan culture, i find is very unique.

seven days in heaven evoked such a strong emotion in me because i suppose i too had lost my father three months ago.

like i have said, i don’t know my father very well so it would be hypocritical for me to say it was a great loss because when he was alive, i took a lot of things for granted.

when i was carrying out his funeral rites, i questioned why i had to this and that..all these stupid traditions, i suppose it’s to make the living feel better about the dead.

a few days ago, i was making a phone call using my skype account. i saw his mobile number on my dictionary. i felt a little sad because he and i are no longer living in the same world anymore. i could no longer pick up the phone and call him although i must say the phone calls we had with each other were short, courteous and littered with uncomfortable pauses.

i cannot attach him to many of my memories. but somehow in the quiet corners of my mind, i might just be able to find a way to remember him and to celebrate his somewhat short time here on earth.

happy father’s day.



Written by smalltroubleinhk

June 19, 2011 at 3:06 pm

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