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i can’t afford it but it’s okie

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i like michael moore a lot. i don’t agree with him but i think it is important for people in this world to have opposing views on things to test our principles and beliefs.

i watched his latest documentary/movie – capitalism: a love story with much amusement.

one of the pervading themes of the movie is the divide between the rich and poor, the privileged and the under privileged.

when i was young, i wished that i was born in america or in one of those land which i thought god favored. i would have access to the freedom of speech, i would have been able to go to harvard or any of the ivy leagues if i had wanted to, i would have access to democracy, free enterprise and all the good things which was then associated to the west. i would have been a freerer woman, if only.. i was born in the us of a.

but then again, my masseur who is thai said to me last week. being born in thailand is a curse in itself. she was forced into an arranged marriage. she had a daughter before she turned 16. she can’t read well because she only had a primary education and for sure she didn’t think she would lived past 30 years of age. but she did.

i think one of the things that michael moore needs to learn is the fact that life is unfair and it’s high time we accept it. there is no such thing as one class of people. the moment you are born, you have a caste. people don’t say it and they condemn india for it but who we went school with, where we went to school, who our parents are, what they did, the neighborhood you grew up it  had already determined your class and what you are about to do for the rest of your life( note: people do cross classes but you need a lot of will, hard work and perhaps the right marriage partner)

i must admit that till today, i feel so uncomfortable with people who are deemed blue blood, the pedigrees. i will not be one of those but perhaps if i worked really hard, i can afford to give my daughter or sons the privilege to go to schools and play with the royals.

but it’s okie, the key to happiness is acceptance and i think right now i like my status quo.

to me, the only people who hate capitalism are people who aren’t competitive enough, who aren’t strong enough, who weren’t give the means and access to play the game… we tried communism and have we forgotten why it failed?  if you work the same amount of hours and time and effort and get paid as much as lazy joe – why do you want to work any harder? chances are you don’t.

i hate to admit this some of these people who are made redundant, they absolutely deserve it.i have seen how a lot of people work, they treat their work as clockwork, a routine they come in and do. they don’t put themselves in the game. it’s just a way for them to earn salaried work. they hide behind a so-called blue chip company and become a cog. cogs are replaceable especially nowadays when the world of finance rule.

those people whose homes got foreclosed? it’s really sad but if you have been living in a house for 40 years, chances are your mortgage is paid for and if you are not too greedy about keeping up with the kardashians, chances are you could have a simple but contented life. so don’t just blame on the big bad bankers.

is the world of finance deceiving and complex? yes they are and that is why, we need to understand it more.

when i was young, my parents always tell me this – we cannot afford it. it was okie because you will learn to accept it and make the best out of what you can afford. there is no shame in not being able to afford something. but in the last 10 years, everything is affordable because of easy financing. if we look at personal debt today, it is no wonder why the sales of antidepressants went up by 310%.

if we could think about the evils of capitalism. think about the evils of communism as well. michael moore forgot to include an important part to why those people lost their homes  and their jobs…. think about it.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

June 14, 2011 at 4:01 pm

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