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my favorite place in hong kong to see the panoramic view is up on the peak. there is something so nostalgic, old britain, historical about taking that slow tram up victoria peak. i love the feeling of watching the view out on the open deck enjoying the sea breeze and looking at mansions that never could i in this lifetime afford…

the latest spot to view hong kong’s breath taking view had just opened – sky 100. we didn’t go up on a good day. visibility was pretty poor and i was very disappointed. thankfully, we had a great meal at the emperor seal restaurant up on the 101 floor. that was definitely the highlight of my visit and it was the highest place i have ever dined at. i love the roasted pork – it was so juicy!

for people visiting hong kong, sky 100 is definitely one of the must dos and for those who live here, dining up in the clouds can be quite an unique experience especially when you need to impress a special someone or a special client!!!

view, seriously what view??? it looks like though i have cataract

a definite must -try and do remember to book early

sooooooooo damn good!!!!!!!
i’d definitely like to go back on a good day. i reckon at such a high altitude, the view must be sh** hot!!

Written by smalltroubleinhk

May 31, 2011 at 4:08 pm

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