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let the wind carry me

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first of all, i have never paid to watch a documentary and secondly while i have watched many making of(s), i have never watched a behind the scene from behind the scene.

one minute in film time is the result of many minutes of hard work and preparation.

let the wind carry me is a documentary about the acclaimed cinematographer- mark lee.

it is not a documentary celebrating his work, blowing the trumpet of his talent.

it is a documentary about a man’s life-long affair with the cinema. it is a documentary about his loss, his failure to be more involved with his family, his home and his realization that time is a gentle but swift robber.

he said ” i have found love via the cinema and it takes me away from being with my family. maybe i could find another job so that that i can be with them but my life would be unfulfilled”

the honesty of his statement made me froze. you cannot have everything. when you decide to go one direction, you have let go of the other.

while he was filming in xinjiang, he saw 20 missed calls on his phone.the first thing that crossed his mind was – am i too late? something must have happened at home. something bad. he was thrown into a state of panic. the missed calls were all in codes. the caller called back informing him he was bestowed the national literary award. relief was the first wave of emotion he felt. it wasn’t happiness, it wasn’t pride.

let the wind carry me in its entirety is about movement, about journeys.. that is mark lee’s life. capturing and framing moments to help a film tell a story. mark lee may be the man behind some of the best images captured in asian cinema, forever framing our mental image of what we think of chinese cinema.

above all and everything let the wind carry me is a documentary about a man’s love affair with the cinema.

this is indeed a good dedication for all of the world’s film makers

let the wind carry me is now showing in selected cinemas.





Written by smalltroubleinhk

May 29, 2011 at 4:25 am

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