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pirates of the caribbean 4

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we watched the new pirates of the caribbean movie last was probably an unlikely choice because we went to the cinema with something else in mind but since it wasn’t showing and we didn’t want to leave empty handed – we reluctantly bought tickets for it and prayed that it won’t be that bad. over dinner – i asked my friends gale and matt, do you remember what happened at the last movie and none of us did. gale had watched the movie in the afternoon reassured me of its entertainment value. she was right. i had truly enjoyed the movie.

first of all, it was like starting the franchise on a new note. they phased out keira knightley’s character and it was a fantastic decision because she is such an awful actress. other than being able to pout her lips rather well, i always thought the only people who like kiera are guys. orlando bloom is gone as well – another good decision because his character is so boring next to jack sparrow.

geoffrey rush came back albeit a missing leg and in came the lovely penelope cruz – spain’s very best export to the world with the enigmatic captain blackbeard played by ian mcshane. ian definitely rivalled johnny as my most preferred aye captain to sail with.

i always love a good pirate story. my favorite new addition to the movie  was definitely the mermaids.. you have to watch it to know what i mean.

speaking which, i wonder if they are going to continue with more pirate movies.. i think it’s now a good note to stop. like all good things, hollywood tend to squeeze every good thing dry repulsing us to the point of no return.

i have always loved johnny depp since his gawky days of 21 jump street but i love the man even more now.. he is the finest actor of our time and i love his style so much. he does really remind me a pirate.


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  1. Did you see the 3D version or the regular one?
    I have always loved the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ever since going on the Disneyland ride a long time ago. Does HK Disneyland have that ride too?


    May 31, 2011 at 3:56 pm

  2. 3d version.. they dont have that here in hk.. the rides are lame


    May 31, 2011 at 4:14 pm

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