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mark six and the imf

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it was a bizarre week in hong kong and perhaps even the world. in the last five days; regardless of where i was – i heard people talking about two things – mark six tickets  and dominic strauss- kahn the new ex imf chief who was arrested for sexually assaulting a hotel maid in new york.

while i was at lunch with my colleague a few days ago, he asked if i had bought my mark six ticket. i said to him ,” i don’t think i am one of those with that kinda luck”. somehow after a few banters, i found myself walking with him to the infamous stanley street jockey club branch- it was nothing like i have ever seen.apparently in the mark six world the stanley street branch has the highest probability of winning based on historical records * chuckles***

i thought people were queuing up in front of various restaurants for lunch but i was wrong – they were all queuing for that elusive ticket..

that scene had truly opened my eyes to something amazing. as skeptical as city folks could be maybe deep down, we want to believe that there is a miracle somewhat. a miracle that would change everything you know about life in itself.. maybe. that is a nice thought.

well, i didn’t win anything that night and the jackpot remained holy and untouched – snowballing the jackpot to a level of OMGness – 100 freaking million bucks. the city was paralyzed with euphoria!!!!

everyone wanted a piece of the action…

the result was finally announced yesterday – a truck driver of indian descent had won the jackpot with a few friends. he walked away with 44 million.. oh well like they say, easy come easy go.. nothing beats earning anything the old fashioned way – blood, sweat and tears. i won’t have it any other way..

the lucky winner 

on the other note, this is also the week whereby i have successfully completed my angry bird soft toy collection.. i try to regale at the small things in life. i try my best to remind myself not to be jaded and be one of those people who are so hard to please. i don’t know, do you think that people are unhappy because they think happiness is about achieving the big things? i think so…


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