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the world of pixar

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in the last 10 years some of my most enduring animated favorites had come from pixar. there was finding nemo with my favorite character dory. i loved all three toy story installations because it that related well to my imagination and childhood yearning of really wanting to talk to toys..

i didn’t think much when i was watching wall – e but after the movie, i find that the movie had left me with something profound to think about.i think the story presented a good prelude to a future world and a future us. it is the fact that we are over- consuming and getting far too reliant on technology that is surely but slowly killing us. if you like to observe the world half as much as i do, i often study the way people walk. muscles are getting atrophied because we don’t use it much anymore.

cartoons and animations always have a way of telling us stories and the meaning that you are able to derive from it – goes far deeper than any movies played by people.

yesterday we went to the pixar 25 years of animation exhibition at the hong kong heritage museum. it was like stepping into a factory and watching piece by piece how an animation is created.. i never  realized  the effort that goes into creating a story that starts with just an inspiration.

i enjoyed seeing the storyboards of how characters are created. i never realized the variations and the process of exploration of the look and feel of a character. like the character boo in monsters inc – before we know boo as boo there was at least 6 different variations of how boo would look like..

the exhibition will be on from now onwards till 11th of july. tickets are only hk$20 – a wonderful cheap and educational way to spend the weekend! to know more about the history of pixar


Written by smalltroubleinhk

May 8, 2011 at 4:49 am

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