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i have always thought that for a city like hong kong, the art scene is pretty pathetic. besides those showcase art galleries along hollywood road, i don’t know where all creative minds gather?

i am glad i was given a chance to find out. my all talented husband was invited for an event last weekend to celebrate the 5th anniversary of metro magazine. we turned up at this old industrial complex at shek kip mei. long gone are the days when light factory industry was part of hong kong’s economy. left abandoned, the jockey club converted this complex into little art hub and hence the jockey club creative art centre ( jccac) was born. artists, aspiring artists can now at minimal price rent a studio/ work space.

the complex is truly a pulsating ground of art. if you are interested in art, chances are – you get to hang out with folks that are on your wavelength, lovers of art can also come by to learn art- whether it’s painting or knitting or pottery or photography; just name your trade.

i met many new people that day because they had a massive art market for the artists to sell their wares. it was truly a breath of fresh air. i have immense respect for people who choose to dedicate their lives to the art making beautiful things. i met a special young man who makes leather bags by hand – so beautiful and so rare because even jimmy choos have now gone to the assembly line.

i miss that kind of world whereby things are not made in the factory. i miss the type of world where we could flaunt more of our individuality… i miss that type of world where there was more left to the imagination…

if you are interested in checking out future street markets, you can join jockey club creative art centre facebook.


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