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3d and relatively

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friends who live overseas have been asking me to watch 3d- sex and zen. touted as the world’s first 3d porn movie, i am really not sure if there is anything 3 d about it. just a marketing gimmick i suppose and besides 3d must have been one of last year’s most overtly used words avatar  came out.

talking about 3d, i actually think the more 3d we are, the more 1d we are becoming. when i say that i mean i find increasingly so, the minds of people have become 1 dimensional.

this is a typical scene i see monday till friday downstairs of my office. everyday, for last 2.5 years these protesters come here to protest from 12.30 -2.30 claiming that the bank had cheated them. mind you most of these people have been given some form of compensation back.  first of all, 2 hours a day for five days is equivalent to 10 hours a week. since the crisis started some two and a half years back, they have been protesting for 1300 hours.

this is what i think – most of them have actually been given a compensation, not full but some form of compensation. secondly i think they are wasting their time and running away from being accountable.the thing is no one could cheat you if you hadn’t been greedy in the first place. secondly, if you could spend 1300 hours protesting, you may well spend that time thinking about how to get that money back… thirdly spending so much time and effort doing something as negative as this is like poisoning yourself with cancer.

maybe that is one of the problems facing the world today – we don’t know how to move on and use our life experiences to harness us in a positive manner.

what i find increasingly prevalent is the fact that people like to talk about issues that are inconclusive but mentally draining. what comes along with it is as well, the failure to take on a different point of view – the failure of empathy.

i cannot believe how much debate is going on about disneyland hong kong and disneyland shanghai. so many people in hong kong are debating over the fact that with the impending opening of disneyland shanghai, the one in hong kong would be in ruins. if i had no clue where shanghai and hong hong were it sounded as though shanghai was like next door; like shenzhen is to hong kong.

i have not heard one person say – oh, i have been disneyland in tokyo that is why i am not going to the one in hong kong and neither have i heard – i am going to hong kong JUST for disneyland. i mean this is not florida.. disneyland in hong kong is just of the many tourist attractions..

before we say, shit shanghai disneyland will ruin us why don’t we think about how to make the hong kong one unique to just hong kong?every disneyland is different after all. if you really think about it – there is a different positioning to every disneyland.

tokyo’s amazing limited edition merchandises that are unique only to tokyo, the first and the largest – florida.. while the one in hong kong just have to work a little harder at establishing an identity – which i admit there is none at the moment.

this argument is lot like the us pointing fingers at china and saying – why are you stealing our jobs?

before we point the finger at someone else, do you think should we ask ourselves – am i to be blamed as well?

china didn’t steal your jobs, you just stopped being able to compete. you got lazy and you lost the necessary skills to compete and also about 60% of profit from the s&p come from outside of the us. it doesn’t take a genius to see where capital is flowing. you just think china stole your jobs because smooth criminal politicians planted that thought in your head.

time to realign and refocus perhaps?


Written by smalltroubleinhk

April 17, 2011 at 3:57 pm

2 Responses

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  1. My comments in short, conclusive form:

    (1) 3D sex movie – with a name like that, don’t bother. Get a 3D life instead.

    (2) Bank protesters – the time spent protesting could have been used to get even via the courts and/or other channels. I actually know one of the protesters and told him to not bother: cut your losses and run.

    (3) This part should be REQUIRED READING for any Hongkonger. Spot on.


    April 18, 2011 at 6:17 am

  2. Err, the Disney part is the one for required reading, I mean. Not to put too fine a point on things, getting the average Hongkonger to do anything differently (let alone uniquely) is well nigh impossible, I find.


    April 18, 2011 at 6:19 am

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