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the death of my father had reunited me with my favorite cousin.i haven’t seen him in years and i have missed him so much.

my cousin ben is gay. when we were young, i was acutely aware of his sexuality though at that time i may not have a word to describe it.

this is what i found out recently. when we were young, my cool aunt lucy ( she passed away a long time ago, god always liked the cool ones and leave behind the duds) had given him a barbie doll when he was six years old.ben had always preferred to play with us the girlies while brian his elder brother would play badminton with the boys.

ben devised this game for us to play – it was called room service. he enjoyed serving us tea and coffee. years later, ben’s first job was flight attendant with malaysian airlines. i laughed at him and said – your desire to serve was just bloody hell innate.

i asked him recently so, has your dad met any of your boyfriends?

he laughed and said – if my dad had met my boyfriends, he would have died before your dad.. impossibly funny, that’s my cousin ben. after i went back and thought about what he had said, it broke my heart. it broke my heart because if you cannot share with your family; the little joys in life like what your boyfriend and girlfriend have done for you and they meaning they bring to your life- that’s a real shame.

isn’t funny that for so long, we have known of his sexual preference and yet we can’t openly accept it?

i think given a choice many gay people would have wanted to be heterosexual. i don’t think there is anyone out there who thinks – i’d rather choose a more difficult life and to be gay.

i thought that with the advent of technology and the fact that people travel more than our forefathers – we become more able to tolerate differences but looks like the world is heading the other way. we fear people who are different and challenge our status quo..

if i had a question for everyone in this world it would be – are you living your life exactly the way you wanted it to be? it would be my guess that 90% of us are living a lie.

ellen is not perfect but i salute anyone who are just themselves.


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April 24, 2011 at 7:54 am

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hats & double breasted suits

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i am suffering from serious broadwalk empire withdrawal and i absolutely can’t wait for season 2 to start. i haven’t liked any television series as much as this since perhaps sex n the city and everybody loves raymond. broadwalk empire has successfully combined some of my favorite things in life – history, stories of the mob, beautiful fashion of the roaring 20s,complex personalities and martin scorsese.

i love the layers of personality of each character and to a certain extend – that is exactly how i view people for i am one who never views anyone as a good or bad person. i think we are both good and bad and sometimes depending on the situation, we can be more good than bad and other times we can be more bad than good. i never believe in holding out statements like – this person is a good person. rather i’d prefer to say – give that person money, fame and power and we will see.

when margaret schroeder said to nucky thompson – the lead character in broadwalk empire – ” i can see that you are a good man but how can you do such bad things?”

nucky said ” one must decide how much sin one can live with”. that is exactly what life is about.  we simply cannot box life into the good people lot and the bad people lot. circumstances often kick in and we have to do what we must..

as i grow older, i tend to stay further and further from people who like to talk about changes because for me, the way i live, i do things first. it’s often easier to talk and talk and talk. look at some of the today’s world issues – debt problem- talk, stick on a band aid, wound festers, we are still talking.

i think about each person in broadwalk empire. i think a lot about jimmy who was going to princeton before he signed up for the great war. i think about boys then who weren’t enough old enough to be called men carrying guns fighting for a cause that they don’t understand of except that they have been sold the line ” you need to serve your country”. i wonder if they ask themselves- how about my parents, they use up so much resources to raise and here i am daring death to take me.. i wonder if president bush would send his twins to the front line in iraq?

i love the 1920s. i love beautiful intricate clothes women wear and if you were a rich person then -life was described by many then as the time of hedonism. with the invention of cameras, movies, jazz music… that was truly one of the delta points of industrialization..

i love the series so much that i got these – my gangster broques..

by the way, i like the symbol of shiny shoes. people who do bad things often pay extra attention to the cleanliness of their shoes.. maybe that’s why bankers spend so much on john lobbs.

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April 23, 2011 at 9:04 am

happy easter

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percy's girlfriend - penny

tomorrow i’ll be slaughtering the pig and sharing with my colleagues!!! happy easter. for the next four weeks, the hardworking people of hong kong have four, four day week. all thanks to easter, labour day and buddha’s birthday.. happy birthday buddha!!!

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April 19, 2011 at 3:35 pm

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3d and relatively

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friends who live overseas have been asking me to watch 3d- sex and zen. touted as the world’s first 3d porn movie, i am really not sure if there is anything 3 d about it. just a marketing gimmick i suppose and besides 3d must have been one of last year’s most overtly used words avatar  came out.

talking about 3d, i actually think the more 3d we are, the more 1d we are becoming. when i say that i mean i find increasingly so, the minds of people have become 1 dimensional.

this is a typical scene i see monday till friday downstairs of my office. everyday, for last 2.5 years these protesters come here to protest from 12.30 -2.30 claiming that the bank had cheated them. mind you most of these people have been given some form of compensation back.  first of all, 2 hours a day for five days is equivalent to 10 hours a week. since the crisis started some two and a half years back, they have been protesting for 1300 hours.

this is what i think – most of them have actually been given a compensation, not full but some form of compensation. secondly i think they are wasting their time and running away from being accountable.the thing is no one could cheat you if you hadn’t been greedy in the first place. secondly, if you could spend 1300 hours protesting, you may well spend that time thinking about how to get that money back… thirdly spending so much time and effort doing something as negative as this is like poisoning yourself with cancer.

maybe that is one of the problems facing the world today – we don’t know how to move on and use our life experiences to harness us in a positive manner.

what i find increasingly prevalent is the fact that people like to talk about issues that are inconclusive but mentally draining. what comes along with it is as well, the failure to take on a different point of view – the failure of empathy.

i cannot believe how much debate is going on about disneyland hong kong and disneyland shanghai. so many people in hong kong are debating over the fact that with the impending opening of disneyland shanghai, the one in hong kong would be in ruins. if i had no clue where shanghai and hong hong were it sounded as though shanghai was like next door; like shenzhen is to hong kong.

i have not heard one person say – oh, i have been disneyland in tokyo that is why i am not going to the one in hong kong and neither have i heard – i am going to hong kong JUST for disneyland. i mean this is not florida.. disneyland in hong kong is just of the many tourist attractions..

before we say, shit shanghai disneyland will ruin us why don’t we think about how to make the hong kong one unique to just hong kong?every disneyland is different after all. if you really think about it – there is a different positioning to every disneyland.

tokyo’s amazing limited edition merchandises that are unique only to tokyo, the first and the largest – florida.. while the one in hong kong just have to work a little harder at establishing an identity – which i admit there is none at the moment.

this argument is lot like the us pointing fingers at china and saying – why are you stealing our jobs?

before we point the finger at someone else, do you think should we ask ourselves – am i to be blamed as well?

china didn’t steal your jobs, you just stopped being able to compete. you got lazy and you lost the necessary skills to compete and also about 60% of profit from the s&p come from outside of the us. it doesn’t take a genius to see where capital is flowing. you just think china stole your jobs because smooth criminal politicians planted that thought in your head.

time to realign and refocus perhaps?

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April 17, 2011 at 3:57 pm

kate you bad whore

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last week, kate moss was in hong kong for the opening of longchamp’s la maison 8 – the longchamp flagship shop in hong kong. a few days later when i was out buying lunch, i stopped to buy a lipgloss from dior and there she was again – kate moss. seriously, she must be like the biggest brand prostitute in the advertising world. what doesn’t she sell?

well good for her and her bank account and for the so-called brands who use her – it’s either they lack imagination or just plain lazy.

to be fair, kate moss was the girl that made every girl my generation go – calvin klein and ck one. she immortalized that brand. she made skinny cool. but the mid 1990s was a long time ago.

this is what happens when you have lazy marketing and brand managers working for you.

they think – oh, i need a uber cool girl. kate moss.

when you use a brand whore like moss, i wonder how much exposure your brand is truly getting..

she has her own perfume and she is selling someone else's... really, ms moss how much of your stuff do you want us to buy?

calvin klein and moss - how she took our breath away.. that was then..

david yurman... kate is definitely bigger than yurman

she made a relatively young brand - totally old... and wasn't she selling for this supermarket brand called rimmel? totally lost me there

refresh my memory... did burberry drop her when she was caught snorting coke with her then boyfriend pete doherty... but no worries, she is on longchamp's pay roll now. that's not too bad for a crack head.

what you do get when you combine fashionista + high street = exhortion

this is tragic. i don't even see isabel marant on the same page as her...

i must say she does have a rocking body.. that's for sure

kate moss – how boring, how predictable.

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April 11, 2011 at 3:57 pm

bye bye shanghai tang on pedder

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well at least, we don't have to buy a&f products at factory outlet places over in kowloon anymore

i heard one of the saddest news in hong kong retail in the last few days. the iconic shanghai tang store on pedder street will be replaced by abercrombie & fitch.

as we know that consumer power is slowly declining in america and rising with such prowess in asia, it is no wonder that in the last few months; we have seen a lot american retailers hitting the shores of hong kong such as the impending opening of gap and american eagles.

i just cannot believe that after years of being there, we will be losing such an iconic store( at such a prime piece of retail real estate) – which is unique to hong kong’s identity. i have never bought much from shanghai tang personally but whenever i have to bring tourists or clients, that would be one of the places i’d bring them. it’s also the place to go when you have to buy someone a corporate gift for someone to remember hong kong by. i’ll definitely miss it sorely!!

talking about american eagles – i was just at the shop last weekend. seriously, i don’t understand what the fuss is about. while there are a lot of good basic wear, the price and quality tell two different stories. it is what it is, the quality is rather crap!

the new american eagles outfitters at harbour city tst

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April 10, 2011 at 3:12 pm

you have the right to be radiant and fabulous

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i have used so many products from benefit and my favorites are girl meets pearl, dandelion and brows a-go-go. benefit is one of those brands when they get it right, it’s oh- so-good but when they get it wrong, it’s also oh so wrong.

benefit is launching a new range of skin care to their existing line-up. you could always count on them when it comes to interesting names, concept products and amazing packaging. it’s called b right radiant skincare

i haven’t started but i have a feeling loads of girls would love it smells pretty damn good and i LOVE the packaging. the skincare products go on sale this month.there are 9 products in the collection. look out for it!

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April 9, 2011 at 4:10 am

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