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post oscar fever by now

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confession – i love watching the stars and the beautiful clothes more than the award show itself. frankly i don’t really care about the awards because you often know the results before the actual announcements. when it comes to beautiful hollywood actresses, everything else can wait and should wait because they the very reason why we look forward to a new day and the key to all our earthly aspirations

along the oooooohhhss and the ahhhhhhhhsss, there was as well a lot of….. what the……. so these are some of my what the….. moments

gweneth paltrow shimmered in calvin klein. i like her so much better now that she is older and more comfortable in her skin

for an ethereal beauty like cate. this dress was really wtf.. it looked like a window with bubbles growing on it and the yellow beads on the shoulders. seriously, why?

michelle rodriguez on her way to the oscar after party. it's like as though michelle is telling the world - god i need to try harder to get some publicity!

naomi watts: why did the chicken cross the red carpet? because the chicken saw mama chicken walking on the red carpet

jennifer hudson in versace. one of my favorite dresses of the night and look at her glow!!

halle berry is i think one of the most beautiful women in the world.

mila kunis has arrived. at every oscar there is an actress which makes everyone go - i want to see more of her. this year it was mila!!

mandy moore is so beautiful she makes me cry but no matter how many times i look her i cannot recognize her. why is that? i don’t understand it myself. she is just forgettable

helen mirren is one hell of a hot grandma!!

i get scared every time i look at dresses like that. it just reminds me of a giant bird and the fact that hilary looks like a man doesn't help

what happened sharon? no one recognizes you now. you can start a new life in a different country and recover from your botox addiction(xoxoxox)

celine wow you are the most beautiful man i have ever seen


Written by smalltroubleinhk

March 2, 2011 at 7:46 am

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