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today i want to dedicate a post about how lucky i am to be alive today and where i am today!

1.) when i was younger, i dated a french boy. as much as there was a lot of hype about all things french, i must say i did not understand a lot things that are fundamentally french. i didn’t understand why french people work so little, i didn’t understand why the french people rely so much on the government to solve problems for them and i didn’t understand the concept of social welfare and enjoying life like as though there was no tomorrow. 300 years ago, the world was europe, 200 years ago it was the british empire, 50 years ago, it was america but today to be asian and to be witnessing the miracle of the asian economic transformation and being multi lingual – it is the best gift in the world.

2.) our access to information. just 20 years ago, if you want to do a thesis paper on anything, you would be spending hours in the archive and library but today information is at our finger tips. if i forget anything now, i’ll just google it or facebook my friends. that saves you so much time!

3.) i was at the gym yesterday and my friend came over and said – i am still so upset about the manila tragedy where hk tourists were killed in the tour bus. she said – do you think if they were locals, the government would have reacted the same way?

i said probably even worse because there was no foreign interventions and watch dogs. i made the right decision 5 years ago to pack up my belongings and moved to hk. it is easy for us to overlook what we have but i come from a country where corruption is rampant and people get bullied all the time.

i remember once my best friend and i were in the car and we made an illegal u- turn. a policeman stopped us and asked us if we had wanted to settle it there or via a fine. fresh out of food shopping, we only had rm17 in our wallets and we gave it to him. at that moment, i was angry with the policeman but after a while, my anger was transferred to the system that we have to live with.

my brother always says change will come. they will take the current government out. my question is… then what? someone in the opposition raises to the occasion? this is when i think if only history was better taught in school. whatever we are going through in the middle east was france in 1789, russia in 1905 and china in 1911. a period of anarchy would ensue. before you know it, you are an old person. your life has slipped you by. do you still want to fight? i’d rather move to a country where the least i am guaranteed are opportunities and peace – i don’t need anything else. yes change will come but at what cost?

that is why when i came to hk, i was so grateful. people here have so much freedom and women are well educated.  it was a nightmare in the beginning to leave behind my family and friends but pain never lasts. you will always find a way to overcome it.


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February 22, 2011 at 10:30 am

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