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i left my heart in kaikoura

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there are only about 3500 people living in kaikoura new zealand and that explains its captivating unspoiled beauty. it is so beautiful, i have no words to describe it. being close to the sea is one of my sources of happiness and kaikoura has that kind of effect on me.

i have not seen a seaside town like quite like kaikoura. known for its whale watching/ swimming with the dolphins tours, many people come to this town to witness for themselves, the miracles of man’s last unconquered frontier – the ocean.

we stayed at brook house a bed and breakfast i picked out from the b&b guide book. i must say throughout the whole trip, brook house was the best place we had stayed at. the guide book  reads – judy and louis( the poodle) welcome you to their home. and also their two cats, bruce willis and i forgot the other cat’s name because he was hardly around.

as it turned out, judy the host works for the whaling company and when she found out that we hadn’t made any bookings. she immediately called the company and put us on the waiting list ( note: people who come here for whale watching sometimes book years in advance especially europeans)

there are seven rooms at the brook house. judy had bought the property shortly after her divorce because she wanted to share her home with people from all over the world. her sons are working in japan and london and because her father had loved kaikoura so much, they came here a lot during the summer when she was a child. coming back to kaikoura had been a sentimental choice. well, i am glad judy had done so. one would be blind to not see the amount of careful thought and consideration, she had put into making brook house a pleasant stay.

if you stay at the brook house, remember to have some of judy's home baked chocolate muffins. they will be the reason why i go back there again and also to see louis the sweet black poodle

the garden view - overlooking mount fyffe. we should have hiked up mount fyffe, it doesnt take that long!

the view was just splendid!! note - we didn't take a picture when we checked in, this was taken when we were about to leave and hence the messy bed

thanks to judy we managed to do the whale watch. right before we had boarded the boat out the authorities had put on a sea-sickness notice but i thought hell, i have come all the way and i am not going back without seeing a whale.

the national geographic moment. to be this close and see a whale with your naked eyes - it is a miracle in itself!!

according to our guide - they have been friends with this particular whale for 20 years. the whale knows them very well by now.

apparently the same last year this rock was just filled with seals - the la nina phenomenon sweeping across the globe has some terrifying effects on every living being

dolphins are my favorite sea animals. these are dusky dolphins - swimming along with the bed trying like as though they are trying to tease us into a game of hide and seek

the seal colony - i can't believe this place

nothing beats a nice fish & chips by the sea

this is how close you can get to a seal ( if it is sleeping, not a good idea otherwise)

if you like nice romantic dinners like i do and watch the sunset

i love this photo!!

i think i left my heart in kaikoura and i know you will too.

if you want to visit judy and louis at the brook house and if you want more information about kaikoura


Written by smalltroubleinhk

February 17, 2011 at 4:39 am

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  1. Lovely pics!!! The whales are awesome.. I have never seen them in the wild before.


    February 18, 2011 at 4:54 pm

  2. Have u seen them in captivity?? Are there any aquariums big enough for them?


    February 19, 2011 at 6:22 am

  3. I’ve only seen killer whales in captivity… but not these ones in your pics. I’m saying it is an amazing experience to see them in the wild.


    February 19, 2011 at 5:18 pm

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