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my girl victoria

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i am a huge fan of victoria beckham. you know at the back of every person’s mind- there is an image of someone you want to be and mine is victoria beckham. i know that she uses david beckham and i know she is extremely manipulative and savvy but who cares in life to be successful – there is a combination to it. this is a woman is who is by many’s standard quite average but why is it that whenever she walks out – she has such vroom vrrrooom vrrrooom?

she is fierce and scary. she should fierce posh spice and not just posh. i want a body like victoria. i want hair like victoria. i want her practical intelligence!!! and tell me doesn’t she look beautiful on the cover of vogue this month? i haven’t seen her so natural in a long time. sometimes i forget how delicate her face really is.. beautiful!!

victoria beckham is in my mind one of the few women who so damn good in pants. i never really like her in dresses except really tight shift dresses. there is androgynous element to her style that makes her so different from so many other style icons.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

February 16, 2011 at 2:46 am

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