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one day not too long ago in the car, my mother said to my brother and i with so much sadness in her voice – ” you guys really need to know where your great grand parents were buried because when people of my generation die, there will be no one to tend their graves”.

it then i realized something, we waste far too much time over the course of our lifetime on somewhat preserving a legacy. the fact of the matter is that, seriously for most of us – after four generations, the most visible part of you is perhaps your tombstone. can anyone tell a story of you? i highly doubt so.

there was never a day that went by that i think-  oh god does not exist. honestly. the way i see it, all the miracles i see everyday that to me is prove that there is something divine that had created all of it. there is god almighty – that much i believe.

whenever people find out that i come from a broken home religious people especially always like to come after me and try to convert me. believe me, i think i have listened to a lot of ” religious propositions”. the sales pitch is almost always about eternity.

i remember asking this person – okie, eternity, living forever. before you think i am mocking anyone or any religion can we just think about this with an open mind for one minute? after all if you want a sale from me, you better find a way to overcome my objection.

the concept of heaven and eternity. i go there when i die and i live there forever. what do you do forever?r? you look at me and i look at you, let’s eat some fruits together. i mean really like, come on – even vampires get tired of living forever. i am sure after about 4000 years of living, you will be like absolutely sick of living. don’t you think?

but i think as humans in general, it is almost unfathomable for us to accept that we are a passing phase in the bigger scheme of things. but we are. if you could go on living forever, there is no meaning to living. i don’t think god put any of us here and wait for our time in heaven to start. so my choice is, i want to make the best of my time here.

my ex boss whom honestly i think is the best and kindest person in the world, i often think about her when the subject of the after life comes into play. i think throughout her entire life, she practices a lot of restraint and patience. i have seen people try to push her around, treat her terribly but still she keeps her stride. i hope there is heaven for her sake but if there isn’t, i hope she doesn’t think f*** i wished i had punched that assh*** in the nose when he said that about me.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

February 9, 2011 at 1:24 am

2 Responses

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  1. It’s pretty funny the way to put eternity and the ever-lasting afterlife. Staring at each other is not quite my idea of everlasting joy, fruits or no fruits.

    Yeah, I get where you mother’s coming from: it’s roughly the same with folks. Preserving a family legacy is important. Just as important, though, the days are for living and the nights are for sleeping. Not that the past should be dispensed with, but gotta realise everyone has a finite time in the here and now. We do what we can whenever we can, no promises but and no disrespect.

    You’re pretty spot on about the religious sales pitch. I’ve had similar experiences. I don’t come from a broken home, but I did live with one parent at a time for extended periods (switching between mum and dad in different countries). Not wishing to piss off anyone’s religious sensitivities here, many religious types automatically assume it’s a broken home. Sorry, mate, it’s not a broken home – my folks just have to work in different countries with mismatched timings. My answer to them is always, “I don’t know and you don’t either. Between the ground here and six miles up the sky, this IS heaven. What are you complaining about?” I’m amazed that people don’t realise heaven is a place where we can get things done, which is the here and now.


    February 9, 2011 at 2:30 am

  2. No seriously… i’d be scared to live forever actually. it makes everything precious not precious anymore.. it’s like living without deadlines. i don’t think anyone accomplish anything..
    no. we are not here to condemn anyone’s religion that is not my intention, all i hope is that everyone focus on whatever time they have and not waste it.. whether there is heaven or not. like i said, i hope there is because so many believe in it. i hope..


    February 9, 2011 at 3:07 am

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