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auckland zoo

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auckland zoo is such a special place- it truly is. located only 20 minutes from the city centre of auckland, auckland zoo is a happy place for both kids and adults.

don't miss the auckland zoo - it's definitely worth a visit

there are so many things i love about it. i don’t know where to start.

when we were waiting for our turn to feed the giraffe, i heard a man’s voice saying – do you know that a giraffe has seven bones in its neck, just like a human being?

without being in africa this is perhaps a good substitute to the african savannah

i turned and found ray, a volunteer at the auckland zoo talking to the visitors. i started chatting with him asking him questions about the animals and the zoo. i love the volunteer program at the zoo. for people who are retired especially, this is a good way of giving back to society and not to be bored because you  will have a million people to talk to.

one of my favorite sections at the zoo is the aussie walkabout whereby animals roam free.. the friendly ones normally would come by and say hi whilst the ones shy ones like wallabies - it takes a while for you to spot them

i was totally taken aback with the gentle nature of the emu

i love the sense of involvement that the auckland zoo gives its visitors. i love the open-ness of the zoo and energy of the zoo. i noticed as well they try to put a few different types of animals ( the sociable ones) in a certain enclosure. when i asked ray about it, he laughed and said – like people you don’t want the animals to think they are the only ones in the world.

the great green lizard and i

ray the man

i hope that for years to come, children and adults get to enjoy the auckland zoo. i used to think zoos are such horrible ideas but i now see the good as well. we are the destructive animal of all no doubt but we are also one of the most compassionate ( potentially) and intelligent as well. there is so much good we could do, it is unbelievable.

chickens on the loose at the auckland zoo. it's so cute

we only have a few 100s of these amazing rhinos left in the world. it's so sad, i don't know where to start.

the auckland zoo and as well the rest of the new zealand and australia zoos run a pretty successful breeding exchange program and as result to that – they have many animals born in captivity. unfortunately, many including myself will only have the zoos to learn about the animals and fortunately, we still have this channel. there is so much we need to learn about respecting other life forms and that when we hurt nature and its beautiful creature, we all get hurt too – that i guarantee you.

meerkats are fun to watch - very animating

whenever i read about researches done on animals, it never fails to occur to me how dumb we truly are. we grade how intelligent animals are based on a system that we created. if you just spend a little time with them, i can tell you that each animal deserves to be treated like an individual.

it is not hard to see the bond kashin has with his handlers... if you have any questions about elephants,they always encourage q&a questions

nice day for a nap...

we thought snorkel was one of the oldest resident until we found a chimpanzee who has been living in the zoo since the 1950s...

while i think the auckland zoo has done a fantastic job i think they should do more to promote the breeding program. i think they should create opportunities for the public to witness the entire birth program of the animals. make you tube videos, create a campaign around their birth/ when they first come out to meet zoo visitors. that would be great public involvement. nevertheless, it was one of the best zoos i have been to.


Written by smalltroubleinhk

January 29, 2011 at 9:24 am

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