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we stayed at a farm in this relatively small town in canterbury 40 minutes away from the city of christchurch. first of all i have to explain to you why i think that this so personal to me. as what you would call a city slicker, i absolutely detest the fact that i know so little about the entire food chain ( amongst other things)

my next door neighbor robbie the kunekune pig. the kunekune pigs are a unique species to new zealand. they are highly intelligent unlike the myth. when you call out robbie - they come running out like a dog.. really ugly animals but very endearing.

what is lamb chop to me? it is what i find in the freezer. it is what i tell the butcher to give me when i make a purchase over the counter. i feel that the sanitized condition of how i live sickens me. it absolutely frustrates me that i do not know.

one of the shows that i recently enjoy a lot is a show called the colony. it is on discovery channel. it is about how a group of people working together ( with different skill sets) to build a society from scratch. i think as much what we know today, we don’t know enough and we have overlooked the fundamentals.

i learnt a lot while staying with chris and elaine. i cannot tell you how humbled i am when i realized how a farm is run. i just want to ask you one question – do you think we respect farmers enough? i don’t think we do. which is a shame because without them, we’d have nothing to eat and the fact that they work so hard and yet get back so little – that’s another question i ask myself constantly.

bertie the rooster. i am telling you this rooster has so much personality. when it wants attention from you, it pecks at your toes, it wants to be carried all the way. when you carry it in your arms, it falls asleep and bertie snores... seriously, every year when time magazine puts together the study on animal intelligence - they should put bertie as an example

i don’t think i can throw away anything anymore without thinking about how to re-use it or finding a different way to use it..with chris and elaine – everything is maximized. if a chicken coop falls apart, they reuse everything including old nails, when they go for drives, they find apples to feed the donkey, when they eat out and if they can’t finish their food, they take it home to feed the chickens..

the rascals.... they know where to look for good food - humans!! and the moment you pick them up. - they squeal like as though they are being strangled or something. they are really smart though and fun to watch

good honest hardworking people who knows how to build the world. i feel that we need more of these people. if you are interested in staying at a farm and see for yourself some of the nicest animals around, please pay chris and elaine a visit at warwick farm

sunny the one year old alpaca.. definitely one of my favorites. sunny has such a sunny disposition, he lives up to his name that's for sure. he is on sale. if only we have more space in hong kong. i may be the only girl in hk with an alpaca pet. they are quite nice pets i think. they like to poop in a certain area and only eats grass, willow leaves and hay...

rose is the sweet one..... such gentle eyes

one of the 12 enderby island rabbits

they have enderby island rabbits -they are very rare. in fact one of the rabbits that they have at the farm – they are only 12 of them in the world. how lucky i am to have touched one of the rarest animals in the world.

i feel like the messiah of farm animals


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  1. Hi there

    Last year in Sept/Oct, my hubby and I visited Tasmania, Australia. The most enjoyable experience for us was Farm Stay. At night, we peeked the possom eating the bread that we deliberately left next to the glass door. In the morning, we woke up by the ME ME sound of the sheep because they were running around the house we were staying. In fact there were fewer animals than Warwickz’. However, for us living in the busiest city Hong Kong, it was a MOST peaceful, wonderful stay.

    The Farm is

    Wishing you and your better half a Happy and Healthy Year of the Rabbit



    January 28, 2011 at 6:37 am

  2. Hi Joanna,

    we saw a lot of possums too in NZ as road kills… Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to bring my godson Jake for a farm stay because I want to teach him about animals and interacting with them. I would say because I grew up in Malaysia, spending a lot of time camping and doing outdoor activities, understanding outside survival in jungles – they are good skills to have…

    Happy New Year too….and may all your wishes come true in the year of the rabbit!!


    January 28, 2011 at 3:06 pm

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