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way way way down under…. new zealand

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before the fall of the berlin wall, east germans were asked about what they envied most about the west. it was the fact that  west germans could travel whenever they want to.

i must say i resonate the same sentiment. people that i have often found interesting were people who had travelled extensively. i find stories of their travels so intimately thought -provoking. we did 15 days in new zealand. whilst we now have thousands of photos to remember the trip by, there was so much about the country i won’t be able to take home with me.. the clean air, the curious looking animals and plants, the spirit of respect the maori people have for the land and animals, the people that we met along the way, the stories that were shared along the way.

i think we went to new zealand at a good time. this year the country is hosting the world rugby cup. whenever a country play host to an event of that scale – the country gains a lot of attention forever changing the lives of its people. many europeans i have asked see new zealand as one of the furthest places they could go and now that traveling has become so common, new zealand will be high on the any avid traveller’s must-visit countries.

things that i will miss about new zealand

1.) every kiwi we have met and talked to, they look as though they really like talking to you. i like that sense of sincerity ( or maybe it’s because when you are so isolated, living with 4.5 million people in a rather large space don’t create enough people for you to talk to. in asia, we have too  many people but we have too many people whom we don’t want to talk to!)

2.) the meat because from what i see, cows really graze and run around in large space. if you have seen food inc, you would understand my paranoia about our food source.

3.) sitting outdoor and having a nice cuppa coffee. the air is so clean. i have come to the conclusion that the world doesn’t need 9 billion people, the world needs 9 billion consumers. think about it.

4.) seeing children play.

5.) keeping a sense of child-likeness. we stayed at a farm ( i will devote a write up to this) and the owner of the farm told me this – what is the likelihood of you taking a walk by the beach and finding a piece of driftwood that resembled the head of an alpaca? i seriously thought he was pulling my leg. it’s funny that this person has so much less than me yet have so much more than me – at least he is not jaded and being jaded is nullifying.

5.) i will miss all the animals i made friends with while staying at the farm.

children playing by lake takawera, rotorua

the shoreline of kaikoura

all ready for the world rugby cup?

enjoying a glass of wine is somewhat such a pretentious affair in asia. i really like the laid back vineyards in new zealand. it doesn't cost anything to get a nice glass of anything. i am not a fan of pinot noir but apparently new zealand is famous for good quality pinots. picture was taken in a vineyard in the canterbury region - it's called langdale. it's very pretty with all the lavenders around.

pahi beach - have you seen a beach with black volcanic sand? that was my first time.

church by lake tekapo. do you care about eternity when you have a view like that?

lake pukaki. seriously this lake is strange. have you seen a lake that is completely still? maybe there is a monster that lives in there? you know what they always say about still water runs deep right?


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