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happy 2011

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our first kiss of the year....happy 2011

2010 – it will forever go down as a year of many contrasts. i am glad it ended and at the same time i think i will miss some bits of it. one of the major highlights of 2010 was the fact that many of my friends became parents.

every time a child is born, i see myself raising through the ranks and becoming one generation older. i feel many things when it comes to children. there is so much i want to say, there is so much that goes on in my mind, there is so much i remember personally about my childhood.

one of the things that i realized in recent years as a adult is how i have been lied to as a child and that the ideologies that i was taught were bad representations of the world in general.

my mother and father did not get along well and hence they separated. though she is a good person, she did a lot to damage the relationship we tried to have with our father. i think it took me a long while to develop empathy towards my father and that i summoned enough audacity to tell myself – ” whatever happened between them, let it be between them”.

if i want to fight a battle it has to be my battle. i don’t think our children should inherit our battles.

i have been thinking as well a lot about people in general. i think i finally realized the easiest way to be happy. it is to be grateful and to live in a world that is a product of your passion. my brother was telling me a story about my cousin who is extremely gungho about saving the environment. it is to the extend where she actually tries to educate hawkers about using plastic spoons and forks. many people would call her mental and but i feel that sometimes in life,if we are moved to do something, just do it because if we don’t do it, there will always be a sense of emptiness in our hearts.

think about it, if there aren’t any crazy people in the world – do you think we will have half the things we have now? there won’t be trips to the moon for sure or beautiful music to listen to.

when i was young, i remember the first time we had puppies at home. it was truly an experience to watch something grow. each of the puppy had a personality – it was evident from the day they were born.

to all my friends who became parents, who are going to be parents and if you are a parent yourself- if you are scared that your child is never going to be able to hold down a job that makes money, or that if they never become good at school or if they are homosexual or different -please don’t worry. the fact that they are born, it is a sign that the universe will find a way to take care of them. just support them because sometimes life’s journey can be a lonely one. all the best to you : )

happy new year to all of you!


Written by smalltroubleinhk

January 2, 2011 at 3:54 pm

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