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the great new zealand adventure

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we are going on a road trip come this  january, we will be driving around new zealand for 15 days. while i have known since september of this trip, i have not had the time nor patience to plan for it until recently but thank god we started buying new zealand dollars since then and the currency has really gone up the roof in recent months.

i have only started looking at the map of new zealand when i met the representatives of air zealand. i added one of them on my facebook and was bowled over with the beauty of this country. the thing is when i think of new zealand. i think of cattle, lambs milk, gooseberries now known as the kiwi fruit, peter jackson and lord of the rings.

new zealand is so so so much more…

i have my reservations about going to new zealand. there are so many attractions, i wasn’t sure how to scale it and they are all at different parts of new zealand.

i am natural born worrier – i worry about how to get there, how long will i have to drive from one spot to another, will i have time to see everything.. but seriously – what is life if we keep sticking to a plan?

i have started drawing profusely on the map of new zealand – planning the trip. i bought a note book detailing a skeletal framework of our adventure. it’s a primitive way of doing it and i realized soon enough this is a terrible way of doing it.

one of my concerns is accommodation – it’s summer time in new zealand and a lot of of northern hemisphereans have gone there to escape the blistering cold – is it going to be hard for me to find a place to stay? although there are loads of hotels and b&bs i worry about not being able to find a room . but at the same time, i don’t want to book accommodation for all 14 nights when we want to take it easy driving from one place to another.

i love making early bookings because i am chinese. i like negotiating for the best price.

i remembered what steve jobs had said about apps – ” there is an app for everything”. i was searching through the app store and i found exactly what i needed. air zealand has a customized app just for my great new zealand trip!!!!

first of all customized your trip - put down which regions you will be visiting and key in all the activities you plan to try out. you can also book your flight via the app

this distance calculator is one of the most important tools for me. if the drive is way over three hours i need to find distractions along the way to stop. thank god as well, all rented cars come with the option of having a gps unit!

once we have an inkling at which town we will be stopping, we can go through the list of hotels listed on the app and call to book a room. also, i found another great app for booking of hotel rooms -

once you have keyed in all the attractions, hotels, places of interest - you can do a map it or save for my trip function. the map it function is really good because it shows you the direction of how to get there

seriously, i am really looking forward to going. i have a feeling that new zealand may be one of the last few places where life is still good. i am going to share with you some of my most highly anticipated activities that i will be embarking on. it’s so pet friendly, it’s sad thing, we can’t bring sophie along!!


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  1. You’re gonna love it there sooooo much!!!! The air, the scenery, nature… One thing though, everything (other than restaurants and bars I guess) closes at 5pm. But I’m sure you guys will find things to do!


    December 30, 2010 at 4:56 pm

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