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taxes and the short cuts we take

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a while ago, this lady came up to my at my gym and said – how is it possible that you are half the size you used to be and i am twice the size.

i smiled sweetly. i have to remind myself to hold my tongue. but you know what i feel like saying to her – ” please don’t even compare yourself to me. the difference between you and i – it’s simple, i have drive and you don’t.

the thing is every time i see her, she is in the sauna or at yoga class. you can’t lose weight doing just yoga. you need to do so much more.

i know for a fact that this person is like most people i know. they appear to be doing something but they don’t commit to the cause. they do it half baked.they walk around with no goals to drive them.

if there is one thing i hate the most right now is the fact that we are all up for quick fixes. the economy is not doing well – let’s cut taxes, let’s do another round of qualitative easing, i can’t get a job –  i’ll live on the dole.

no one wants to do it the hard way.

almost everyone i know what to lose weight.they think, i’ll go on a diet for three months and i’d be skinny. let me tell you how i lost weight – it took me three years and a changing a lifetime of bad habits. i commit to the routine of being healthy.

i am one of these people, i am not afraid of hard work. i am more afraid of being the same person and not getting the results i want.

on the issue of taxes and prolonging employment benefits. you know what, obama may get relected or he may not. his family will enjoy generations of power and access to money. the americans are the ones will have to pay the price for taking this short cut.

read this article about taxes in today’s asia wall street – what are taxes for?


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December 17, 2010 at 4:26 pm

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