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it’s dunhill or nothing

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buying a gift for a man is an intimidating affair. there are only x number of belts, wallets, bags, electronic items you could buy him and anything after that – you are repeating the same series of gifts. i have been dating/ married to my husband for so long, i have officially run out of ideas. i thought of just giving him a voucher to fortress or broadway and say – here you go honey ,” go buy yourself something you fancy okie?”.

i have not been inside a dunhill shop in years and the last time i bought something there, it was a gift for a 50 something year old client. but i there i was standing outside the dunhill flagship shop at prince’s building, the shop looked so good, i could not resist not going in.

oh my god, dunhill has really changed. it is no longer the boring, stuffy, old english gentleman kind of retail shop. i really really love dunhill. first of all, the leather bags are amazing. they are still made out of the best leather and yet the design is so modern and contemporary.

i think it was also the first time i said to myself – geez, don’t mind being a man right now if i could shop at dunhill ( and no, i am not paid by dunhill to say this) i was browsing and this amazing sales assistant jessie came over to help me. nothing like the usual – ” can i help you?” i really felt jessie’s genuine assistance. she did something not many sales people did – she qualified my need – who was i buying for? the personality type?  his occupation? travel habits? i was also treated to a cuppa tea. very nice indeed.

so if you girls are looking for a gift for that special man in your life – be it your other half, your dad or your sugar daddy – it’s dunhill or nothing. oh, why i really like dunhill – they really have gifts that are of exceptional quality, well- conceived infused with a touch of stylishness and they say something about the person you are buying for.

here are some of my favorites

poker set - imagine the eyes that are on you when you take out your own dunhill poker set. i used to think damn bowlers with their own bowling balls, show off!!! but this is good reason to show off.

the dunhill explorer grip bag. black bags are boring, brown bags are so chic. check out the quality of the leather. if i were a man, this is my bag!!! and i am gonna rule the world with this!

the dunhill motorities gear stick cufflinks.. actually us women like to collect earrings, i guess if you were a man, you could always collect cufflinks. they are such fun useless things to collect.

this camel colored cashmere scarf is so beautiful. call it optical illusion or whatever you want - scarves really make outfits so much dressier!

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  1. I agree! Dunhill has really transformed throughout the years. I was in Huai Hai Road,Shanghai a while ago and found this mansion turned store lot selling Dunhill. It was the combination of classy, taste, plus a touch of nostalgia. Bet you’ll love it! You should check it out if you get the chance! It’s around the 700s, Huai Hai Middle Road.


    December 14, 2010 at 10:09 pm

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