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baffled was what i felt when i walked out of this pretty nice looking boutique in a mall in malaysia. managing the store are two  bangladesh nationals. the whole time my friend and i were in the store, one of them said one thing – 50% discount.

as a woman who loves to shop –  i have a problem with this arrangement. no matter how nice the clothes are, i just don’t foresee myself trying on the clothes in front of two hairy men.

has the drive to cut cost drive businesses to the brink of destroying the very thing they are trying to build? for me, if i were the business owner – i’d put the most money into training good people and the products.

since this particularly shop already has pretty decent stuff, quite a decent layout – why don’t they just go all the way?

having a bangladeshi worker there will not generate business, it only makes customers uncomfortable.

having a gay man on the other hand would be a better strategy. it is no secret that some of my best friends are gay and ever since i started shopping- i very much prefer to go with them. the reason – they tell me what looks good on me without any reservation. women are far more afraid to offend you.

i don’t understand a lot of businesses of today. it seems to me ceos and managing directors think – yes if only i sell one more category of products, i may sell more. i don’t understand why they sell fish burgers at kfc in malaysia. known for their chicken, i don’t think i will go, ” darling, i feel like a fish burger tonight, why don’t we go to kfc”.

i don’t understand why cadbury has so many types of chocolates to the point the packaging looks cheap and buying a chocolate bar becomes a tiring affair.

is it time for us to just stop for one minute – look at some analytics, study what the customers are buying then streamline? because if i had to make 300 types of chocolates, i might as well focus on making 30 types of really good chocolates – that sell!

corporate finance, merger and acquisitions – the only people that really benefit are investment banks, auditors, lawyers and shareholders – often enough i think they create unions that are disjointed. companies that are too big is like a 300 pound person suffering from obesity – disabled.

enough said.

Written by smalltroubleinhk

December 3, 2010 at 12:37 am

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  1. You wonder why? Then allow me to enlighten just a tad bit. Business schools, law schools, engineering schools and religious seminaries train people to be convergent thinkers. I’ve had my run of these people for a long time. Art schools, architecture schools and fashion schools train out divergent thinkers. Science schools are a bit of a basket case: biologists tend to be [comparatively] divergent thinkers than chemists; physicists, if they’re trained well (i.e. without statistics) are able to switch from one to the other. I make no representations about this – it’s just something I noticed over time in my dad’s and mum’s workplaces.


    December 3, 2010 at 11:54 am

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