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little girl all grown up

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i had to take a second look to recognize the beautiful face on the front of this month’s us marie claire – ms. emma watson, all grown up all beautiful.

two days ago, we watched the latest installment of the harry potter series – harry potter and the deathly hallows ( part 1) ever since the first movie came out in 2001 – i have watched every single movie but you know what is the problem with the movies – i could never remember what happened in the last movie because of the long time lapse between movies and characters always have an abrupt death. the fact that the characters have unusual names make it even worse for me….

i think i need to rewatch all the movies at one go again. just to refresh my memory…

anyways back to emma watson – there is something we hold dear and near when it comes to child stars. we watch them grow up and feel as though we own a part of them. michael jackson, dakota fanning, drew barrymore – we never quite see them as grown adults.

the story of childstars gone wrong is hardly headline material – in a way we kind of expect them to f**k up, waiting for them to f*** up because stardom never gives them the privilege of a childhood. that is why i love emma watson.

for one – she kept going to school because according to her – it keeps it real, socializing with other kids her age. i love her as the new face of burberry. for such an old brand, a few years ago burberry was  at the verge of being really “mum-sy” but with her as the face of burberry – it became the recent most successful turnaround brand story.

i so love her with this short hair do…. as a woman with really short hair – it is very hard to look good with short hair. everything is revealed when your hair is cut short, you have nowhere to hide pimples and people are usually a bit intimidated with you because i must admit, you need a fair amount of confidence to carry it off….

emma watson - sizzling as the face of burberry

emma watson - a few years ago becoming a regular fixture on the red carpet

emma watson the marie claire shoot - love those helmut lang panties

va-va vroom in a camilia and marc embellishment top

the resemblance with a 1960s twiggy is freaking uncanny

military chic in of course burberry prorsum

read emma’s interview in the marie claire


Written by smalltroubleinhk

December 2, 2010 at 2:22 pm

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